Information Management Policy

The following simple rules attempt to ensure that as Parishes of West Greenwich in London, we adhere to the laws governing copyright and personal information.

The goal of the website is to publish the newsletter and information about the Parishes of Our Ladye Star of the Sea and St Joseph in the Greenwich Deanery and the Archdiocese of Southwark. As such, the information presented is largely “news” (i.e., what is happening in the Parishes) or historic, pertaining to these Parishes.

How is personal information treated?

The printed newsletter contains personal information, particularly around Parish members who do certain activities, requested Mass intentions or have passed away. Whilst the printed newsletter is constrained in circulation to the Parishes by virtue of the availability only in the churches, the website is globally accessible.

On the website: all such names are masked, retaining only the given name and the first letter of the surname. E-mail addresses and phone numbers are taken out and referred to the physical newsletter. Names of members of the Clergy and of Religious, who by virtue of their status publicly state their faith, are not masked. Names, phone numbers and e-mail addresses of officials acting in their capacity, e.g. for organising retreats and activities of the Church, are also not masked.

How is copyright treated?

Information and materials beyond news, factual and historic information about Parish life and the buildings are rare and would be used only as quotations under Fair Use. Every attempt is made to ensure that the materials are linked from publicly available Internet sites, including linking to the source page, so that the origin and attribution is correct for such quotations. Such links are provided for information and educational purposes only.

Original works submitted by Parish members to the Parish Priest are accepted as such, with the understanding that the works will be published in the newsletter and on the website.

How long is information retained?

Generally, all posts are set to automatically expire five (5) weeks after publication. Some posts may be retained longer to accommodate logical timelines, e.g., events may be published well ahead of the event taking place and the associated post will remain active until the event. Expired posts are permanently deleted.

If you have any concerns about personal information or you are the copyright holder of quoted works and do not agree with the quoting of such works, please contact the Parish Priest or e-mail kevinrobinson AT rcaos DOT org DOT uk Thank you!