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33rd Sunday 15th November 2020
Orange Book Page 155 

 “You are worth your weight in Gold!” 

There are times when being skinny and petite is not the best option. Take this business about the “Talents” in today’s gospel. A rich man was “Going on a journey”! That’s what my grandmother used to say when she gazed into an empty teacup, but we never actually discovered who or when or why?! Before he sets off, he calls his servants and entrusts them with certain “Talents” according to their ability. To “one five, another two, another one”. Strange how in English a talent has come to mean something different but no less related. We speak of talents as those special abilities that are God given to certain individuals, but they still have a responsibility to pursue and invest their skills. The NIV renders the term as “Bags of Gold” but this is incorrect! In Biblical terms a talent was a measure of silver or gold equal to a person’s body weight! I.e. Anything between 20-40 kg. Apparently, in Roman times Silver could actually be more precious than Gold because Silver was difficult to find in Europe. It was only devalued when the 16thC Spanish increased output from mines in the “New World”! Whatever; Silver or Gold; a “talent” in these terms was an incredible amount of money. Just one “talent” would have been more than sufficient wealth to provide a family for a whole lifetime. So, what is going on in this parable? First of all, he gave to each one “According to his ability”. The rich man had confidence in his servants, or at least in the first two! He was trying to encourage them and increase their ability. Now of course it could have been that the servants might have used his money recklessly and come to grief. They might have backed some lame nag in a hopeless horse race and lost the lot. Nevertheless, he trusted their judgement and was willing to take the risk for how they might make a return. Would he have been so gracious if they had invested in some disastrous “bit coin” scheme? I wonder how they invested their funds and why they were so honest in declaring their profits… or perhaps they weren’t. What about the third man? He was afraid! He took his one talent and buried it. He returned it with such resentment one wonders why he was willing to receive it in the first place? So, what is the text saying. This one man effectively buried himself for fear of what he might lose. “Here it is, it was yours, you have it back!How many people go through life with the same resentful philosophy even when they have talents and gifts to invest? Isn’t the parable saying “Take a chance on life”. Don’t be afraid “Invest what you have been given”. God gives to us according to our ability. He has confidence in us even if we don’t have confidence in ourselves. That man with the one talent was worth his weight in gold! And that brothers and sisters is how God looks on you and me. He’s not saying “I’ll take a chance on you” but you take a chance on me!” 

If you change your mind
I’m the first in line
Honey, I’m still free
Take a chance on me
If you need me, let me know
Gonna be around
If you’ve got no place to go
When you’re feeling down! 

Love from ᗅᗺᗷᗅ! 

November – The Month of the Holy Souls 

During November we commemorate all our loved ones. If you would like a Mass for somebody during the month of November please return a request envelope in the usual way. There are cards available where you can place the names of all your loved ones that we keep on the altars of the Churches throughout November. You are welcome to return these during the week. 

November ‘140 Club’ 

The winner of the November ‘140 Club’ Draw is: David F who wins this month’s £70 prize. 

The winning ticket was drawn on Sunday 1st Nov by Pat F & witnessed by Fr Kevin. 

Sr di Angelis O.P. – RiP 

Everybody will be very sad to hear of the passing of Sr De Angelis. Although she had been recently re-admitted to QEH she was not giving any special cause for concern and had said that she was feeling better. On the same day last Sunday staff found that she had passed at about 7.00pm. 

Her Funeral is at OLSS on Wednesday 25th at 11.30. 

WE are permitted to welcome 30 people at that time to form a congregation. Burial at Plumstead SE2 0PB We especially keep Sr’s Jane & Petra in our thoughts & prayers and all the Dominican Sisters. 

Sunday Masses continue livestreamed at 6.00pm on Saturdays from OLSS & 10.00am Sunday from St Josephs 

Weekdays Exposition & Adoration 

Wednesday – Thursday – Friday from 9.00am -11.00am 

OLSS will be open on Saturdays 4.00-5.30  (I am prohibited from celebrating Public Mass at these times) 

St Josephs 

9.00-10.00 Sunday
6.00-8.00pm Tuesday
10.00-12.00 Thursday 

Baptism & Wedding Info 

During this “Lockdown period” I am prevented from conducting Baptisms and will not be available for wedding administration on Tuesday evenings. Hopefully some kind of normality will be restored from December 3rd 

Bible Timeline course YOU ARE INVITED 

Due to exceptional demand, they are repeating the Intro Session of the Bible Timeline Course on Mon 9th Nov @ 7pm! 

Join 1,500+ Catholics who have signed up for our FREE OF CHARGE Bible Timeline Course…spread the word & don’t miss out! 

Register here to receive the live YouTube link: 

First Reconciliation and First Holy Communion Programme 2021 – OLSS 

It is so difficult to plan any events and activities especially the usual programmes for First Holy Communion and Confirmation, not least because children themselves are still prevented from mingling in different groups. Hopefully the New Year will bring more clarity. 

At OLSS Elisabeth would like to hear from any family who may have a child for FHC in 2021. Subject to government guidelines at that time, we would hope to start in February with FHC in June or July. It would be helpful to anticipate how many children might be included. Children should currently be in Year 3 or above, be members of this parish and families be attending Mass regularly when lockdown is lifted. Again, subject to guidelines, a parents’ meeting will be held in the New Year to discuss the programme, parental involvement and dates. 

At St Joseph’s In conjunction with the school we will also begin preparations for St Joseph’s in the New Year. 

Church Diaries 

If you like to use the Church Diaries that are printed for free by Nordic Press the 2021 copies are available in both Churches 

Sincere Thanks to all those who now support the two churches with D/Ds. Please ask if you would like to join. Gift Aid Boxes are now available in either church 

Christmas Arrangements 

Goodness knows how to plan for Christmas. Christmas Day falls on a Friday. I anticipate that we will keep Celebrations at: 9.00pm Christmas Eve St J’s. Midnight (11.30) OLSS. 10.00am Christmas Day St J’s, 11.00am OLSS. Boxing Day 6.00pm OLSS and Sunday 10.00am St J’s and 11.00 OLSS. We will call these ALL CHRISTMAS MASSES. Pick ONE service that you would like to attend and we will make these ticketed events. Christmas without carols will be an impoverished event. What if we gathered 100 people including Kids & Families to make a charity Carol Singing procession at 6.00pm from Crooms Hill via King George Street, and Hyde Vale? 

Mary’s Meals 

Has an opening for a Supporter Engagement Officer in London – to develop local strategies and plans, to secure increased support and funding for its feeding programmes around the world. This is an exciting job that involves growing and nurturing the Mary’s Meals volunteer network by building relationships with community volunteers, churches, schools and faith groups. All details can be found on the website here:

Closing date is 23rd November. 

MASS CALENDAR FOR Nov 15th -22nd Livestream Search Facebook: Our Ladye Star of the Sea 

Saturday 14th Livestream 6.00pm at OLSS Int: John F 

Sunday 15th Livestream 10.00am at St J’s Int: D’csd Family & Friends Joan K 

Mass will be offered privately throughout the week for the following intentions: 

Aidan R RiP, Sr De Angelis O.P. Pedro & Family RiP, Fmy & Rel RiP Kath P 

21st Livestream 6.00pm at OLSS Int: Carol H & Fmy (WB)
Presenation of the Blessed Virgin Mary

22nd Livestream 10.00am at St J’s Int:
Christ the King

Post expires at 7:30pm on Saturday December 19th, 2020