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30th Ordinary Sunday 25th October 2020
Orange Book Page 147

Dear Friends, 

I was very touched last week when someone discreetly passed me an envelope to put towards a “Discretionary Fund. Inside was a not inconsiderable sum of money. At the same moment, a group within our parish have brought forward the suggestion that we should create a Covid Crisis Fund for anyone who finds themselves in dire straits as winter approaches. It is likely that the most severe financial consequences of Covid are only beginning to appear now on our own doorstep. It is difficult to keep up with the news. Long established companies are having to make cuts to survive and smaller businesses are already disappearing. Over recent months, the government’s furlough scheme, has given some protection, but now it is coming to an end. While protecting many, it has simply deferred the inevitable for others. A sobering walk through Enfield town with my Father last week revealed that nearly 1 in 3 shops have closed. Inevitably, some within our own community will face hardship. Maybe you are aware of a neighbour having difficulty to keep warm or perhaps someone with children. Pope Francis said, recently, This is the moment to see the poor’ – ‘the poor are hidden, because poverty is bashful’ (BBC podcast – Rethink). This is the time to act because ‘…faith without good deeds is useless.’ (James 2:20). 

We have been developing an idea to set up a hardship/support fund. The intention would be to establish a joint fund across the two parishes – OLSS & St Joseph’s. This is not intended as a welfare fund, nor to bridge mortgage payments or anything on that scale, but it might just serve to help somebody in a moment of sheer desperation. How can you help? 

For those, who feel able, or who consider themselves more fortunate: Either you could make a one-off payment or perhaps you could set up a standing order. Even a small offering when combined with others over a period of time would make a difference. Think of it like this: A Starbucks Tall Latte costs £2.25. A Mars Bar 75p. Would £10/month or £2.50/week, be affordable? You don’t even need to go to the bank. You can set up a standing order online, many banks allow for this on your phone app. Please put your name and “discretionary fund” as a reference, so that it shows on our statement. We will ringfence this fund within “Our Ladye Star of the Sea

How will it operate? To avoid bureaucracy and operate the fund expediently I propose two Controls: I have invited four members of our community to form an ‘Oversight Committee’. (A lawyer, a banker, a candlestick maker…) While preserving anonymity, they will meet once a month to review and approve whatever payments are made: e.g. single payments of £100 or payments, to a single person or family, where the sum total might be £150, e.g. 3X£50. After one year, should we feel the scheme is no longer necessary, and a surplus of funds remain, we will consult you the donors and either return what remains or with your consent pass it on to an appropriate charity. 

Meanwhile, if you are in need, or if you are anxious for someone who may be, and embarrassed to ask, tell me in confidence and we will see what can be done… 

Thank you & God Bless
Fr Kevin 

Farewell Sr Mary FSM 

Sr Mary departed for her long flight home from Heathrow Airport leaving St Josephs at 9.00 am on Saturday morning. Above is her almost identical sister Philomena and youngest Niece Clair who will be very excited to welcome her home. We wish safe travels and happy reunions not only with the family in Chennai but also with the Franciscan Sisters elsewhere. I am very pleased to tell you that thanks to your affection and generosity Sr Mary has already taken with her today more than £3000 towards the work of the Sisters and the school where she will now be placed. Monies are still being received and it is not too late to make a gift via either a Cheque to St Josephs (use a gift aid envelope) or a money transfer to Our Ladye Star of the Sea. We will verify figures in the next couple of weeks. I anticipate that this will accumulate to something closer to £6000 in total which we will transfer in smaller sums to a safe account in India. When she is settled, she is sure to send pictures of her new situation and will remain in direct contact by email & whatsapp.

Agnes RiP 

Agnes’ funeral is on Friday 6th November at 10.00am at OLSS. This is will be a small gathering but the family would welcome her friends and faithful at The Requiem Mass. There will be NO 9.30 on that day. Agnes died peacefully at Lewisham Hospital on Thursday 8th Oct. She was a cheerful soul at OLSS especially at 9.00am 

Joseph RiP 

His Requiem Mass is this Wednesday at OLSS 28th 12.30 followed by Cremation at Eltham/Falcon Wood 

Francis Chappell Shop Closing 

Speaking of shops closing, the one business that I mistakenly believed to be unaffected by the virus are the Funeral Directors. Regrettably, the minimalist ceremonies & services that have been required this year (at one stage allowing no more than 5 people to attend public ceremonies) has seen a reduction for the need of limousines and other arrangements. Steven & John between them are well known to have run an excellent and caring facility to people in Greenwich for some 26years. John took an unexpected minor stroke last week but appears to be recovering. Sadly, the shop is closing on Dec 31st. All of our local undertakers provide an exemplary service but Steven & John have provided an additional level of personal care to local people throughout these years. We wish them both good health and a happy retirement and thanks for their kindness on behalf of so many local people who would wish to say thanks and farewell… 

Manna Centre 

Thankyou for all your contributions to the Manna Centre. We now have a mountain of food & supplies which will be collected this Wednesday 

12 Melior Street SE1 3QP
020 7357 9363 

Sincere Thanks to all those who now support the two churches with D/Ds. Please ask if you would like to join. For those who use Gift Aid Boxes these should have been distributed in April but are now available in either church. 

At last we can say welcome to our new FSM Sr Francesca. She actually arrived two weeks ago but has had to remain in quarantine throughout this time. Francesca has been a professed member of the order for 34 years and is a woman of great experience. This is the first time she has lived outside India so it will take a little while to adjust to her new surroundings especially while the difficulties of the virus continue. 

God Bless & Welcome Sr Francesca 


When attending events at either of our two churches. 


We are having to operate with very reduced numbers and careful social distancing 

MASS CALENDAR FOR 25th Oct – Nov 1st Livestream Search Facebook: Our Ladye Star of the Sea

Saturday 24th 6.00pm at OLSS Int: Matthew P & Fmy (THG/WB) 

On Sunday 25th 10.00am at St J’s Int: Pauline & Tyrese (THG/BD) 

28th Ord Sunday 11.00am at OLSS Int: Alachka B (RiP) 

Tuesday 27th 7.00pm at St Js Int: Thanksgiving Anon. 

Wednesday 28th 9.30 at OLSS Int: Maria C Mother (RiP) 

Requiem Funeral of Joseph John Green OLSS 12.30 

Thursday 29th 9.30 at OLSS Int: Sr Di Angelis OP (WB) 

11.00am at St Js 

Friday 30th 9.30am at OLSS Int: Patricia M (RiP Ann) 

Saturday 31st 6.00pm at OLSS Int: 

Sunday Nov 1st 10.00am at St J’s Int: 

All Saints Day 11.00am at OLSS Int: Salako Family (THG/WB) 

Priest Training Fund Diocesan Second Collection 

Postponed from April 25th (Good Shepherd Sunday) The Priest Training Fund, known as the Ecclesiastical Education Fund, pays for men currently studying for the Priesthood & Diaconate in Southwark. It costs £30,000 a year, for six years, to sponsor each seminarian. Your generous support in this appeal makes a real difference in our ability to fund and support men saying ‘Yes’ to the vocation of Priesthood. We currently have 8 men in formation for the Priesthood for Southwark. This year we have Priest Training Fund gift aid envelopes available. You can also donate online via (select Priest Training Fund) or by scanning the QR code (right). Please be generous today and keep our seminarians, and priests, in your prayers. 

Post expires at 4:21pm on Sunday November 29th, 2020