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29th Ordinary Sunday 18th October 2020
Orange Book Page 140

 With Grateful heart …. Adieu! 

My Dear Fr.Kevin, Parishoners & Friends, 

I had always dreaded this moment from some time. Even now I am diffident as I slowly think to frame words. I feel heavy in my heart to write my farewell message. Let me begin to express my foremost gratitude to God for all His Blessings! “We cannot do great things on this earth but only small things with great Love” – Mother Teresa 

During my post retirement as a Head Teacher of a Higher Secondary School, I wished to continue my service outside India. My prayers were answered and my F.S.M. Religious Family gave me this opportunity to be with you all. I arrived here on 17th September 2012 and it was such a memorable day as it was my first trip to London. During the long 10hrs of journey I was little anxious about my life here with different people, culture, climate and the Church but a voice within me reassured “I am with you to lead you”! 

As I reached the Airport my F.S.M. Sisters Shalini & Leela gave me a warm welcome. I was very happy when our parishoners came by, introduced themselves and promised to stay in touch with me. Slowly everything started to take definite shape. 

One of the few things that surprised me was the job description of our Priest in Charge! I was astonished to see Fr.Kevin who is not only dedicated in his priestly ministry but also in repair works! Most of the time I have seen him with a box of tools doing all the hard work. I also noticed that he was very much loved by both young and old. Today I am happy to tell you Fr.Kevin that you have inspired me with your vast knowledge of Scriptures, its application to the reality of our day to day life situations and to reach out to the needy with Love. Yes, your brotherly love and concern cannot be replaced and I thank you for all your support and trusting me with great responsibility. 

I extend my sincere gratitude to all our dear parish-family members and friends for I have always experienced your full cooperation in all the events of our Parish. I thank you for your “Rock-Solid” support. I value each one of you, all that you shared with me and I thank you for all the expression of your love and care. I do thank my little brother Mick for making our Sunday liturgy lively. Now I am trying to prepare myself to take you all in my thoughts and Prayers. I would be forever grateful to you Fr. Kevin and my friends who visited me during the “Lock down”. I was absolutely overwhelmed by your affection and thoughtfulness to provide me with everything at our door knowing that I was alone. I need to mention my deepest sense of gratitude and appreciation for the same. 

Another memory that would be always close to me is preparing children for First Holy Communion along with ever dedicated Roseline. It was a wonderful experience every year, sowing the seed of Faith and requesting their parents to accompany them. Visiting the sick and housebound with Holy Communion was another thing I loved to do. I gratefully remember our dear departed Suzan, Ann, Eileen & Mary who were my first amazing teachers, My relationship with Staff, students and the parents deepened as I went to St. Joseph’s Primary School to meet First Holy Communicants once a week. One day I met a child in a charity shop and he introduced me to his mother “Mom! This is our Sister Mary, she is always in the church but there is no bed and now it is cold, we need to buy one for her.” Yes I do love children! I am happy to make known to you all, that I have seen St. Joseph Church growing gradually and steadily from 10-20 people to 245 and above. May God be praised and thanked! I have a lot of hope for its further growth in the years to come! My words are inadequate to express my gratitude to you all for making me feel at home all these 8 years! Though I had never thought of leaving Greenwich, my health condition compelled me to decide. 

At this juncture I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude once again to each one of you and I assure you my prayers. I am sure that the Geographical distance cannot separate us. True friends never say Goodbye, so I would like to say “See you soon “! Thank you again, 

God Bless,
Your Sister Mary Selvaraj 

The Manna Day Centre 

Thankyou for your contributions to the Manna Centre. We will conclude and pack up all this week as we now have quite a mountain at both churches, but you still have a couple of days, to add Clothes & Provisions! ESPECIALLY: TINNED Tomatoes, Meat & Vegetables. Pasta Sauces & Rice Also TINNED: FISH, Beans, Hot Dogs Corned Beef, Ham, Luncheon Meat, Stewed Steak and NON-TINNED FOOD including Curry Sauces, Spaghetti, Cooking Oil & Biscuits. CLOTHING Mens & Women’s: Trainers, Jeans, Underwear Shoes Socks. TOILETRIES: Disposable razors, Toilet & Kitchen Rolls.
12 Melior Street SE1 3QP 020 7357 9363 

The October ‘140 Club’ Draw was won by: Natolie & Dino Belli now living in Italy and have kindly donated to OLSS parish funds. 

Agnes RiP 

Agnes died peacefully at Lewisham Hospital on Thursday 8th Oct. She was a cheerful face at OLSS especially at 9.00am – Funeral TBC 

Joseph RiP 

Funeral OLSS Wednesday 28th 12.30 

‘Fratelli Tutti’ 

Archbishop John writes about: Fratelli Tutti: On Fraternity and Social Friendship – Pope Francis’s third encyclical is inspired by the life and example of St Francis of Assisi, his love for the poorest and his openness to all. The text was completed during the global Coronavirus pandemic and speaks to the possibility that through it we may rediscover a sense of common humanity. The Holy Father begins with an analysis of those trends which militate against fraternity and friendship in the world and responds through an in-depth exegesis of the parable of the Good Samaritan, calling us to follow his example of care for others no matter where they are from. Pope Francis sends out a clarion call to discover new ways of engaging in politics, society and religion that are grounded in a culture of encounter and friendship rather than fear and self-interest. Copies are available from CTS: 

Sincere Thanks to all those who now support the two churches with D/Ds. Please ask if you would like to join. For those who use Gift Aid Boxes these should have been distributed in April but are now available in either church. 


When attending events at either of our two churches. 


We are having to operate with very reduced numbers and careful social distancing 

MASS CALENDAR FOR 17th – 25th October Livestream Search Facebook: Our Ladye Star of the Sea

Saturday 17th Nuptial Mass Sarah McAleer & Andrew Farquhar 1.00pm OLSS 

6.00pm at OLSS Int: Mollie B (RiP) 

On Sunday 18th 10.00am at St J’s Int: Sr Mary Sevraraj FSM (THK) 

28th Ord Sunday 11.00am at OLSS Int: Tony M (RiP)
In Praise of the Holy Trinity 

Tuesday 20th 7.00pm at St Js Int: Marcel A (WB) 

Wednesday 21st 9.30 at OLSS Int: Victor M (RiP) 

Thursday 22nd 9.30 at OLSS Int: 

St Pp John Paul 11.00am at St Js 

Friday 23rd 9.30am at OLSS Int: Andrew B (WB/GW) 

Saturday 24th 6.00pm at OLSS Int: Matthew P & Fmy (THG/WB) 

On Sunday 25th 10.00am at St J’s Int: Pauline & Tyrese (THG/BD) 

28th Ord Sunday 11.00am at OLSS Int: Salako Family (THG/WB) 

Venerable Carlo Acutis On October 10th in Assisi, a young Italian teenager and computer enthusiast was beatified, and set on the pathway for recognition as one of the youngest saints in modern times. Born in London as recently as 3rd May 1991, he returned to Italy with his parents, but died at the age of 15 in Milan in 2006 having suffered from leukaemia from an early age. His illness had a transformative effect on his spiritual life and now, in turn, his story is having a transforming effect on other people. From childhood, he had a profound devotion to the Eucharist. ‘Jesus was the centre of his day,’ wrote his mother. ‘He had Jesus in his heart. …when you are pure of heart, you really touch other peoples’ hearts.’ He offered his sufferings for the Pope and the Church. To quote his own words: “Our goal must be the infinite and not the finite. The Infinity is our homeland. We are always expected in Heaven”. Carlo was exceptionally gifted with computers. Another phrase was: “All people are born as originals but many die as photocopies”. To move towards this goal and not “die as photocopies” Carlo placed the Sacrament of the Eucharist at the centre of his life. He called it “my highway to Heaven”. Writing in Christus Vivit, Pope Francis has proposed him as a model and example for young people in a digital age. The Abp of Assisi said ‘in these recent months of solitude and distancing, we have been experiencing the most positive aspect of the internet – a communication technology for which Carlo had a special talent.’ To find more about this extraordinary young person: 

Helicopter Flight for 4 People: 

Anyone interested in a free ride in a helicopter, flight for 4 people?! We are still looking for 2 more people to join us. We leave early Saturday (October 31st) morning from Biggin Hill and will fly to Poole in Dorset, where we will have breakfast and then fly back to Portsmouth harbour and get on a yacht in the harbour for lunch! Then we’ll do a flight to La Touquet for drinks, returning to Poole for dinner then home to Biggin Hill. If interested please pm me. Preferably someone with a helicopter and yacht, otherwise we can’t go… 

Post expires at 7:53pm on Saturday November 21st, 2020