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28th Sunday in Ordinary Time 11th October 2020
Orange Book Page 137

I have always sat lightly to the Halloween thing but a story in the Metro Newspaper (Sat Oct 3rd) has concerned me and appeared subsequently in the Daily Mirror. Among the seasonal rubbish usually aimed at children, Poundland are selling “Ouija Boards” as if they were board games. Now this is a sinister new development, so let me tell you a true story: 

I served as a curate in Northampton for 7 years. In that time, I was able to watch many of the “Kids” as they advanced through teenage life towards their 20s. We had a bright group who, to some extent, we kept, within the circle of the church. We undertook activity weekends in the Peak District and elsewhere and even won a trophy for 2 years running in the local Raft Race on the River Nene. (No doubt Health & Safety have put pay to that). I was protective of these youngsters as they approached adult life. One lad, called Jason, was an electrical apprentice. A striking, red haired, bohemian lad, creative bright, single minded, but with a wayward temperament. Turning 18, he had a motor cycle, but he rode it recklessly. Several people remarked and I had seen it for myself. I sat him down more than once to say that unless he could ride the machine safely, he would be better off without it. He was not indestructible. 1988 was a hot summer.

One Sunday I had gone with my family for a roast lunch to a country pub a few miles away. There were no mobile phones. We were looking over the Stoke Bruerne Canal (above) when, out of the blue one of our lads turned up unexpectedly and in tears:
“He’s done it Father!”
“Who’s done what?”
“Jason has had a head on collision”. 

In hospital it was clear. Even in a crash helmet he had smashed his head so badly he could not survive. With vigilant parents at his bedside, it took three days for him to pass. His funeral was one of the most distressing I have ever had to conduct, with a distraught little girlfriend and so many traumatized young people. 

Time passed. It was a Saturday in winter and we had gone to bed. Sometime around midnight the same lad as before called insisting that I should come quickly. In a secret place a group of friends had got themselves very distressed. What was the problem? Were they using drugs, was somebody injured? I donned my cassock and went into the darkness. On an icy night I opened a garage door to find five petrified lads clinging to a glass on a Ouija Board. They had summoned a “Spirit” that identified as “Jason”. There had been phenomena. Initially friendly, this disturbed “Spirit” had turned against them. It could not return to its’ place of rest. The last person to release the glass would be punished. These were 19-year old guys not kids! They were beyond distress. I put my finger on the glass. Together we commended the soul of our friend to the Mercy of God and the company of Angels & Saints. We said the Our Father & Hail Mary. I declared that I would be responsible for Jason and instructed the lads to let go. I took up the set, destroyed it and we all went home. That was the last of it… 

Jason should be turning 50 now. No doubt he would be playing golf and living in a villa in Spain. Instead he rests in a grave along the Harlestone Road. Rest in Peace Jason & may the Angels of God watch over you.


It is only ever destructive and always begins by destroying friendship and trust. 

The Manna Day Centre 

Thankyou for your contributions to the Manna Centre. We will run this for two more weeks as we now have quite a mountain at both churches, so still, appealing for Clothes & Provisions! ESPECIALLY: TINNED Tomatoes, Meat & Vegetables. Pasta Sauces & Rice Also TINNED: FISH, Beans, Hot Dogs Corned Beef, Ham, Luncheon Meat, Stewed Steak and NON-TINNED FOOD including Curry Sauces, Spaghetti, Cooking Oil & Biscuits. CLOTHING Mens & Women’s: Trainers, Jeans, Underwear Shoes Socks. TOILETRIES: Disposable razors, Toilet & Kitchen Rolls. 

Bring to either of our two churches as a Harvest Offering in Sept/Oct or contact 

12 Melior Street SE1 3QP 020 7357 9363 

The October ‘140 Club’ draw has been won by: Natolie & Dino who win this month’s £70 prize. 

‘Fratelli Tutti’, 

On Sunday 4th October, the Feast of St Francis of Assisi, Pope Francis’ released his latest Encyclical which focusses on social friendship. The printed form in English appears not to be published until Nov 4th but it can downloaded on line if you search ‘Fratelli Tutti’. The title takes inspiration from St Francis’ Admonitions: ‘Let us all, brothers, consider the Good Shepherd who to save His sheep bore the suffering of the Cross.” This Sunday 11th October at 7 pm: Bishop John Arnold, Chair of CAFOD’s Board of Trustees, will reflect on Pope Francis’ teaching in the new encyclical with a time of Prayer and Reflection 

Agnes RiP 

Agnes died peacefully at Lewisham Hospital on Thursday 8th Oct. 

She was a cheerful face at OLSS especially at 9.00am – Funeral TBC 

Joseph RiP 

Funeral OLSS Wednesday 28th 12.30 

Farewell to Graham & Maria 

Graham is finally retiring and they are moving down into Kent. They will both be missed at OLSS & St Josephs 

Gift Aid Envelopes & Standing Orders 

Many thanks for the donations via Standing Orders over the previous three months. We have over 50 donors who have donated £3.5k in July, £4.1k in August and £3.2k in September, and the vast majority we collect Gift Aid tax rebate on. Those who have set up recently can you please contact us to make sure we have your details correct. Due to Covid-19, we have not yet distributed 2020/21 envelopes but have them at the back of the Church. Our preference is to take donations via the Standing Order method, but if people wish to retain the envelopes we will be handing them out at this weekend’s masses at OLSS. If you have any queries in relation to donations please email: [email protected] 

Many thanks Tomas 


When attending events at either of our two churches. 


A man goes into a hardware store to purchase some Fly Spray: Is this good for wasps?” he asks the store owner. No mate it will kill them!” (apparently this was in Dublin) 

MASS CALENDAR FOR 4th – 11th October Livestream Search Facebook: Our Ladye Star of the Sea

On Sunday 11th 10.00am at St J’s Int: Kathleen B (RiP) 

28th Ord Sunday 11.00am at OLSS Int: Loraine F (RiP) 

Tuesday 13th 7.00pm at St Js Int: Neil Robinson (My Brother 60th Birthday) 

Wednesday 14th 9.30 at OLSS Int: Faith B (WB) 

Thursday 15th 9.30 at OLSS Int: Ann M (WB) 

11.00am at St Js Sp Int: Liam (RiP Funeral Today ) Baptism Baby Aria 

Friday 16th 9.30am at OLSS Int: David L (RiP) 

Saturday 17th Nuptial Mass Sarah & Andrew 12.30 OLSS 

6.00pm at OLSS Int: Mollie B (RiP) 

On Sunday 18th 10.00am at St J’s Int: Sr Mary Sevraraj FSM (THK) 

28th Ord Sunday 11.00am at OLSS Int: Tony M (RiP) – Praise of Holy Trinity 

STOP PRESS: 21 “Children” made their First Holy Communion in two seperate Masses as St Josephs today. These were happy events carefully observing the present Social Distancing rules. It was lovely to have Zoe, Chitra & Barabara included as 3 “Big Kids” in this celebration. Chitra is well known as one of the ladies frequently seen at St Joseph’s. Zoe is a local Mum who asked to be received as a Catholic following the Baptism of her children and Barbara is a young woman who has arrived from Venezuela in the past year. She is a very talented young Cellist. A special debt of gratitude is owed to Sr Mary who was determined that these young people should complete their preparation prior to her leaving in two weeks! Ably assisted by the ever-devoted Rosalyn & Ecta and special thanks to Rachel for the Music and Big Sister Charlene & Damian for some great pictures. 

Post expires at 10:10pm on Saturday November 14th, 2020