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27th Ordinary Sunday 4th October 2020 (St Francis Day)
Orange Book Page 137

At last the Children’s First Holy Communions are being celebrated in 2020 with 18 Children this week at OLSS (at two Masses) on Saturday and 21 children at St Josephs Next Saturday: 

Elisabeth writes: 

The New Year started with great promise – 18 children who wished to be prepared for the Sacraments of Reconciliation & First Holy Communion. We shared the beautiful stories of the mercy and love of God and focused on the parables of forgiveness in St. Luke’s Gospel. There was a memorable session on ‘examination of conscience’. The children divided into three break-out groups, with a parent facilitator and questions for discussion. The children chose one in their group to provide feedback to everyone and it was so well done. First Reconciliation was prayerful and peaceful. However, from early March we were on the path of the virus and on the 23rd – lockdown! 

So what about the children? We carried on using the internet – each week they were sent a handout and homework until early July. I was assured that many of the children were taking part in the preparation. 

The programme re-started in September with 13 children; some preferring to wait until next year. They were split into smaller groups due to government guidelines. A shorter preparation; larger celebrations on hold until we can all join together again. 

We based our FHC preparation on the Bread of Life Discourse, St. John ch. 6 and the Promise made by Jesus, fulfilled at the Last Supper and at every Mass today: the enormous blessings we receive just by entering a Catholic Church, looking at that red light and knowing we are in the Real Sacramental Presence of Jesus. 

I asked one child what would happen if a seed was planted and it had no water, “it would suffocate” he replied! So it is with us, we have the gift of Faith but it needs prayer, perseverance and most of all the blessings of receiving Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament. I have a word for the children – STICKABILITY – they have faced challenges this year but have kept going. Jessica, Ernie and I join with Fr. Kevin in wishing the children abundant blessings on this Happy and Grace-filled Day of their First Holy Communion. 

We hope they will mostly remember 2020 as the year they received the Real Presence of Jesus for the first time… 

We are indebted to Elisabeth for her sheer determination and devotion to facilitate and complete the HFC programme at OLSS for all these children together with Ernie & Jessica in this very difficult year 2020.

God Bless
Fr Kevin

The Manna Day Centre 

Appealing for Clothes & Provisions right now! ESPECIALLY: TINNED Tomatoes, Meat & Vegetables. Pasta Sauces & Rice Also TINNED: FISH, Beans, Hot Dogs Corned Beef, Ham, Luncheon Meat, Stewed Steak and NON-TINNED FOOD including Curry Sauces, Spaghetti, Cooking Oil & Biscuits. CLOTHING Mens & Women’s: Trainers, Jeans, Underwear Shoes Socks. TOLIETRIES: Disposable razors, Toilet & Kitchen Rolls. 

Bring to either of our two churches as a Harvest Offering in Sept/Oct or contact
12 Melior Street SE1 3QP 020 7357 9363 

Sr Mary Selvarage FSM 

It is with a heavy heart that I have to share the news that Sr Mary will leave Greenwich to return to her homeland in Southern India on October 24th THIS MONTH. Mary has been such a wonderful friend and presence to all of us throughout these past 8 years. Her profound pastoral, spiritual wisdom & kindness have brought something very special to St Joseph’s. She has given enormous comfort and strength to so many people, not least myself! There are many reasons why it is right for Mary to return home now. I will leave her to share some of those thoughts in her own words before she departs. Having myself visited her family, at home in Chennai I am conscious of how close they all are and how much they miss her especially in the uncertain events of this past year. There has been some recent anxiety for the health of her own sister Philomena. Mary’s presence in the family home will bring an important sense of reassurance. As a Franciscan Sister, her community in India have been without her for too long and there is a new ministry to which she is called. 

Happily, after so many months locked in India, we have Sr Leela with us again. She is going nowhere except to Lewisham on the bus & the Seewoo Supermarket for fresh supplies of Fish, Meat & Veg. By the Grace of God, The Franciscan Sisters hope to continue among us at Greenwich for a long time to come. We look forward to welcoming Sr Francisca (left). She hopes to arrive on Thursday this week. She is well known to Mary & Leela and keen to join us in Greenwich. She will need to acclimatise to life in the UK and for a little while remain in quarantine. Sr Mary is sure to remain in regular contact as she is a demon on whatsapp and sometimes we have to disconnect the internet! 


When attending events at either of our two churches. 


Cafod Harvest Family Fast 

Last weekend we distributed Cafod Envelopes. If you would like to make an offering please take or return an envelope this weekend or in the coming week an online presentation is seen at 

MASS CALENDAR FOR 4th – 11th October

Livestream Search Facebook: Our Ladye Star of the Sea

Saturday 3rd 6.00pm at OLSS Int: George M (RiP) 

On Sunday 4th 10.00am at St J’s Int: Mother of Mary O (RiP) 

27th Ord Sunday 11.00am at OLSS Int: 

Tuesday 6th 7.00pm at St Js Int: Sr Mary FSM (BD) 

Wednesday 7th 9.30 at OLSS Int: Cedric (RiP) 

Thursday 8th 9.30 at OLSS Int: Mr & Mrs T Timmons 

11.00am at St Js Int: 

Friday 9th 9.30am at OLSS Int: 

Saturday 10th St J’s Children’s FHC Mass 11.00 

St J’s Children’s FHC Mass 1pm 

6.00pm at OLSS Int: Moll 

On Sunday 11th 10.00am at St J’s Int: Kathleen B (RiP) 

28th Ord Sunday 11.00am at OLSS Int: Loraine F (RiP) 

It was good to welcome Cllr Stephen Brain to St Josephs on Thursday. He is 1 of 3 Councillors responsible for Greenwich East & the Peninsula. Being also Chair of Planning he took an interest in the progress of our current works. We had a difficult time earlier last week when cement wagons were prevented delivery owing to the new barrier at the Junction of Pelton Road & Christchurch Way. Paddy & Kulwant are seen laying the concrete floor for the new toilet block during heavy rain. They have blue covers over the worksite. Mr Brain has facilitated us with a key allowing especially for Funeral Corteges. We took some time to investigate & discuss the new traffic measures and cycle lanes. While the sidestreets are the responsibility of Greenwich, alterations to the main roads are the initiative of TFL. The LA does not have power to vetoe these “improvements”! Currently east Greenwich residents feel aggrieved by the closure of Roads in West Greenwich TBC! 

This weekend would normally celebrate “SEA SUNDAY” which is important in Greenwich. 

2020 marks the Centenary of “Stella Maris” (The Apostleship of the Sea) celebrating 100 years of the vital support of this Catholic Charity to world going seafarers, fishermen, and their families. In lieu of the virus, earlier this year The Bishops of England & Wales decided to postpone the official celebration. Nevertheless Abp Philip of Glasgow will celebrate a livestreamed Mass this: Sunday 4th October at 3pm. 

The official celebration was put back to Sunday 20th December but we are still no closer to a solution. It is at this time of the year that we would normally invite 2nd Collections for “Stella Maris”. You will see more information and a simple donation system at: 

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