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22nd Ordinary Sunday August 30th 2020
Orange Book Page 122

 Succumbing to seduction is not the best way to establish a relationship. Yet for the prophet Jeremiah, that was the very foundation of his ministry:

You have seduced me, Lord,
and I have let myself be seduced;
you have overpowered me:
you were the stronger.
I am a daily laughing-stock,
everybody’s butt”. 

Seduced by the Love of God, I too have felt people laughing at my inept attempts to live this Christian life. Back in 1979, as events began to unfold, I felt the hand of God directing my life in a strange way. I found myself occupied as a Residential Social Worker in a Boys Remand School. I’d like to think it was a place where kids were cared for not punished! I was quite hopeless at the task; besides, I was only 22 but we had fun. It was a “Place of Safety” where, if found on the streets or having committed a crime, boys could be dropped by Police or Social Services. They would stay for 3 weeks pending court reports. More often than not, they would return, subject to further assessments. 

Weekends were more relaxed. There would be recreation & games, pending (hopefully) family visits. One Saturday, myself and another staff member were designated to take a group swimming. There was an excellent heated pool within the grounds. We lined up 28 boys in two rows of 14 and marched across the playground. At a given moment one at the front signalled to one at the back and they scattered in every direction scrambling over 20’ fences. What was I to do? We were left with just 13. I remember a kid saying dolefully “So I guess the swimming is off then Mr Robinson?” We marched back to our unit where the manager went berserk. Over the weekend the kids came back in dribs & drabs. One reappeared late on Sunday evening tapping on the window. He looked immaculate: White Suit, Sunglasses, White Trilby Hat & matching Loafers. A 14-yr-old version of that 1970’s hero “Shaft” (remember him?) The entire outfit was stolen from Oxford Street, but at least he looked good for court… 

On another occasion I took a lively tough child to the dentist. His back teeth were rotten, he must have been in dreadful pain. In the chair he clenched his teeth fiercely. We coaxed him gently: “Come on open your mouth”. In a flash he was out of the chair, down the stairs and gone, never to be seen again (at least by me). That was until 20 years later… A familiar name popped up on a list of new “Residents” at HMP Belmarsh. I went to find a beautiful well-formed man in his 30’s (albeit a criminal). 

Open your mouthI said. “What the #@%$ for?”- “Because you haven’t got any back teeth” – “How do you know that?” – “Because my name is Robinson!” 

We laughed so much I am sure it would have caused yet another security report! God only knows if these bungling attempts at Christian Ministry have ever served towards anything useful, dare I say even salvation? At best I have only ever been an amateur, but somehow, I feel that it would have been a mistake to choose to be a train driver! If that is how you feel as a Christian that’s fine! Persevere for the Love of God, besides, you know the old saying: 

“He who laughs laughs… 

Laughs Laughs Laugh!” 

God Bless
Fr Kevin

Children’s FHC OLSS
A message from Elizabeth 

We are pleased to welcome back twelve children to our First Holy Communion preparation programme. Due to government /NHS guidelines, to limit numbers, we have to split the group into two separate sessions for preparation and two Masses.I want to thank the children for their perseverance and faithfulness in preparing for the Sacrament during lockdown. I know it has been a challenging time for parents juggling home schooling and the many other calls on their time. 

We will have a short time of preparation with the two groups meeting at: 

10am & 11.30am starting on 5th September in the church. 

Our First Holy Communion Masses will be on 3rd October. 

Again, we are restricted to a maximum of 30 at each Mass which has to be parents and siblings from the same household. 

I do understand that some children have decided to wait until next year when we hope there will be the opportunity for a larger family celebration and we will gather all our children together at that time. 

We will all remember 2020 and the impact of Covid 19 on our lives. But for the children, I hope they will always remember it was the year they received the Real Presence of Jesus in the Sacrament of the Eucharist and we will rejoice and be happy for them. 

Children’s FHC St Josph’s
And a message from Sr Mary 

At St Joseph’s Sr Mary and Roselyn would like to gather the children again from Next Saturday 5th September from 11.00am As with the above we hope to have two FHC ceremonies at St Joseph’s during the month of October. 

Cathedral Staff Vacancies 

St George’s cathedral currently have available 2 part-time Administration Posts. Contact: [email protected] Closing date for applications is 1st September 2020. 

Funeral of June (RiP) “Auntie June” 

10.00am St Joseph’s Church Friday 11th
(Received to church 4.00pm on Thursday) 

Baptisms, Weddings & Funerals 

We continue to be constrained by Government Guidelines for the celebration of “Life Cycle” events such as above. Numbers must not exceed 30 people. Seating & facilities must be sanitised after each event. Everybody attending MUST remember to bring their own mask. Toilets are not available. I continue to be available for wedding administration, school forms and other matters at St Joseph’s Church every Tuesday after the Mass at 7.00pm. 

There will be a Wedding 

Monday 31st August at 2.00 OLSS Kerry & Michael 

A Gardener needed immediately for the Church garden for occasional pruning, some landscaping of the bank (almost cleared of brambles) weeding etc. Paid at usual gardeners rates.

Fr Charles Brigss RiP 

Greenwich people will be sad to hear of the death of Fr Charles. He was the Diocesan “Archivist” and for many Years PP at St Mary’s Chislehurst. He died at St Christopher’s hospice on Tuesday 25th following a short aggressive illness. 

OLSS & St Joseph Churches in Greenwich for times of Mass and other services 


Search Facebook: Our Ladye Star of the Sea

Saturday 29th 6.00pm at OLSS Int: Peter R (RiP) 

On Sunday 30th 10.00am at St J’s Int: Brian M (RiP) 

22nd Ord Sunday 11.00am at OLSS Int: Sarah & James (W An) 

Monday 31st 1.30 Nuptial Mass Wedding of Kerrie & Michael 

Tuesday 1st 7.00pm at St Js Int: Delfino S (RiP) 

Wednesday 2nd 9.30 at OLSS Int: Sr Di Angelis O.P. (BD) 

Thursday 3rd 9.30 at OLSS Int: Cyril & Teresa L (RiP) 

Pp St Gregory
11.00am at St Js Int: 

Friday 4th 9.30am at OLSS Int: Margaret M (RiP) 

Funeral Patrick C RiP Hither Green Crematorium 1.00pm 

Saturday 5th 6.00pm at OLSS Int: Lt Col Dick P (RiP) 

On Sunday 6th 10.00am at St J’s Int: 

23rd Ord Sunday 11.00am at OLSS Int: Fr Kevin St Aubyn (WB) 

Closure of Crooms Hill. Remember if you like to come to OLSS by car that Crooms Hill, at the lower end is now closed to all traffic. So also, are all the access roads that lead over West Greenwich including Hyde Vale. You will find that you will be diverted all the way to Blackheath Hill. To attend OLSS by car you must now approach from Blackheath. Our Local Councillor Mr Mehboob Khan will welcome your comments: [email protected]. 

A Facebook page is available Search – West Greenwich Traffic – A Local Authority website is although neither of these allows for comments. You may like to call Mr Graham Nash Ass Director of Transportation who is responsible for this project Tel: 0208 854 8888 although he appears to be on Annual Leave. I was previously assured that OLSS would have a key for any barrier that might be introduced allowing for funeral corteges to come to the church. This has not materialised so far. I have raised this with the LA ref 105354 should we need to receive a funeral cortege meanwhile I shall seek police assistance. 

Pope St Gregory the Great (Thursday 540-604ad) is commemorated for many reasons and features in OLSS to the right of the sanctuary wearing his Triple Crown. Gregory commissioned Augustine and his companions for the mission to Great Britain in 597 when he saw English boys being traded as slaves in Rome. In earlier life he had been a civic administrator but he abandoned this to pursue the spiritual life of a Monk. He is the first of the Popes to have come from a monastic background. His relics remain enshrined in the Vatican. His name attaches to those traditional Melodies called Gregorian Chant. Although the bulk of these are dated later, his liturgical reforms set in motion the creation of those delicate tones. He is known as the “Father of Christian Worship”. He was a prolific writer much of which is preserved in the Vatican archives. During his pontificate, the city was flooded with refugees owing to rival political conflicts among the Italian nobility. He organised food production, charity and relief for a whole city that was on the brink of starvation and demanded that this be the primary responsibility for Catholic Churches everywhere. 

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