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4th Sunday of Advent Year A 22nd December 2019
Yellow Book Page 91 

Christmas Programme

Click here for the Christmas Programme…

Weekend before Christmas:

 Sat 21st 6.00pm Int: Michael & Kevin J (RiP) 

Sun 22nd 9.00am OLSS Hynes Family (RiP) 

10.00am St Josephs Int: Eileen A (RiP) 

11.00am Olss Int: Pat K (RiP) 

No Mass on Monday 

Week after Christmas:

 Fri 27th Mass OLSS 9.30

Sat 28th Mass OLSS 6.00pm Int:Paul H (WB) 

Sun 29th Mass OLSS 9.00 Int: Ann C (RiP) 

Mass St J’s 10.00 Int: Maureen & Alan F 64th Wed Ann 

Mass OLSS 11.00 Int: Paddy & Frances (RiP) 

“His Wonderful Deeds in the Deep
Artwork by St. Ursula’s School. 

The Advent Window seen at The Presbytery 68 Crooms Hill is 18th in the series promoted by St Alfege CofE Church across Greenwich. This annual tradition invites everybody to make a tour of all the locations. The theme this year is ‘Waiting’ Something nice to do on a dark evening after Christmas 

Map & further information about the tour are online Simply search: “Greenwich Advent Windows”. 

Manna Centre Collections 

It is our custom to make collections of all kinds of preserved & tinned foods, hats gloves & warm clothes which are given to the Manna Centre for the Homeless at Christmas. 

There are bins provided in the front entrance. 

Eileen RiP 

Many people will be very sad to hear of the passing of Eileen at QEH in the morning of Tuesday 17th. She has been such a faithful and kindly stalwart of St Josephs for so many years. Always cheerful and kindly she is seen here with her inseparable pal Annie Cooper RiP. 

Funeral arrangements TBC 

Francis RiP 

Funeral Friday 10th January 11.00am at St Joseph’s Cremation at Eltham. 

Adrian RiP 

Adrian was a Catholic man who lived nearby in St Marks Court. Friends & neighbours await funeral arrangements TBC in the New Year 

Volunteering in London over Christmas 

Here is a brilliant site if you would like to give some time as a volunteer over Christmas: 


If you are on the edge of the Catholic faith and would like to explore more send Fr Kevin or Sam. Please see contact details in the newsletter in the church.

RE: The Advent Widow 

The School writes: 

“2019 has been dominated by the call to action to save our planet. From plastic pollution in our seas to raging fires in the Amazon, we are all aware of how our home, Earth, needs help. Now at Christmas, when we take the time to reflect on our lives and how we can serve, we must ensure there is a focus to preserving and reversing some of the damage done to our beautiful planet. This oceanic window draws on inspiration from patterns in cultural art and design from all over the world, highlighting the global need for change and unity”. 

Thank You for your Offering Dec. 15th 

OLSS £534 St J’s £301 Toilets £35 

Note from the Parish (OLSS) Finance Committee: 

For those on “Gift Aid”, letters stating your donation for 18/19 tax year are available in Church. 

Christmas Dues: Christmas & Easter collections are the ONLY collections that are payable to the priest. All weekly & Monthly donations are kept by the parish for running costs of the church. Please use your Christmas envelope to make donation to priest collection. If you prefer to use Bank Transfer just add a note to state “Christmas Dues”. 

Many Thanks Tom M 

“Restored Lives”
Helping & supporting people recover from relationship breakdown. 

For those who would like to respond to Vanessa’s invitation in the new year:
Email: [email protected] 

The Christmas Crib at OLSS 

Come and visit the Crib at OLSS. Donations to the Children’s Society may be left in the secure box on the left of the altar rail or place Gift Aid envelopes in the letterbox by the baptistry.


Each year I dread the onset of
The Christmas-corny ‘musack’
In the shops
The sentimental Drivel-Dreaming
Of a White
Jingle bells-harktheherald-silentnight
(as it comes
Spewing out of speakers
Round about this time of year) 

You push your weary trolley
Round the store
And think ‘Oh God it’s started!’ –
The festive music, calculated
And out-piped
To make you spend-and
(in their store not the other one!) 

However yesterday
I got a shock
And learned a quite new
Lesson – I came across a
Learning-difficulties man
As he was stacking shelves
In Sainsbury’s
He turned to me
With shining eyes –
“IT’S STARTED!” he exclaimed
(excitedly!) –
And then he said
“And soon it will be here!!” 

All I could do was answer
Somewhat (feebly)
“Yes” (all quiet,

Smiling to myself
I made my way back home
And realised, that he had understood
Far more than I
The wonder children feel
And understand
At Christmas-time 

And oh yes
I was humbled –
And I envied him. 


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