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2nd Sunday of Advent Year A 15th December 2019
Yellow Book Page 88

 ‘……Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven……’ 

Casper David Fredrich (1774-1840) was a German artist who became known for his moody and sometimes symbolic evocations of landscape and figures. Acknowledged as the leading exponent of German Romanticism, all his paintings were meticulously executed with a luminous quality. Fredrich trained at the Royal Academy in Copenhagen whose approach in this period was characterised by emotional restraint and realism. 

I find myself looking and thinking about this painting (The large enclosure near Dresden, right) particularly around Christmas and Easter. At first glance it doesn’t include any obvious symbolism, none the less it seems to me to embody something very significant to the Christian faith. Art critic Martin Gaysford wrote about Fredrich being: ‘…a devout Protestant, which meant that he had an ingrained distrust of the power of images to depict religious and spiritual truths. So, put simply, the problem he set out to solve was how to paint a picture that suggested there were deep, perhaps unknowable, mysteries, without actually depicting anything except the natural world.’
(Martin Gaysford in ‘The Spectator’ August 2012) 

I think this gives us certain permission to delve deeper into what is at first glance simply a beautiful painting of a bend in the river Elbe near his home in Dresden at dusk. Notice the strange almost fish eye perspective and the way in which the cloud patterns in the sky are echoed by the patterns in the river. In fact, the more we look the more it appears that there are two semi-circular domes – land and sky which almost touch – but not quite. What at first appears as pure landscape takes on cosmic significance, “….where earth and water repeat and reflect almost divinely lit shapes in the heavens”
(Diana Finello Zervas from ‘Edges of Experience: Memory & Emergence’ Cowan, 2004)

The painting has an eschatological (i.e about the “last things”) flavour in that it seems to refer to the ‘new heaven and new earth’ (Rev21.1) which will come to pass. Yet perhaps because of the way the artist uses reflections we get the sense of the two being related and that what happens ‘below’ will matter ‘above’ in the fullness of time. These things are a deep mystery and hard to comprehend for Christians. That there will come a time: ‘that the creation itself will be liberated from its bondage to decay and brought into the freedom and glory of the children of God.’
Rms 8.21 (NIV)

For Catholics, the mass and the sacraments offer a ‘touching point’ between the earthly and the heavenly. Perhaps the notion of natural signs gives us a richer way to appreciate and understand the painting beyond just its pleasing nature. In the sense that all ‘below’ somehow already contains an inkling of what is ‘above’. Fredriche’s protestant reticence concerning religious imagery provides an opportunity to consider how the near at hand points to ‘the already but not yet’ of the kingdom to come.


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