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London Marathon Weekend

It is strange who you meet in unexpected places and stranger still to realise how events can co-incidentally collide. I had a haircut last week. No big deal but it doesn’t happen very often. I go to a cheerful Armenian chap along Trafalgar Road where every second shop now seems to be a barber or hairdresser. Years ago, at college, I had another Armenian friend. Although we lost contact, I am proud to know that today Viken Aykazian is The Armenian Archbishop of Washington. The Armenians compete with the Ethiopians in the claim to be the first nation to have received Christianity.

My barbers shop has an unglamorous frontage. For some reason it says “fan” above the door. Observing my collar, when I was “in his chair”, he wasted no time to discuss Easter & the Resurrection! “How can you make a living” I asked, “when there are so many barber shops?” He has a good philosophy: “If you are honest and trust God and do something useful, he will never let you starve”. Thus, with simple means he is able to support his family. Curiously, whereas most men’s barbers still have selections of inappropriate magazines, this little shop is full of random Anglo-Saxon books, including poetry, primers, dictionaries and other writings such as Bede’s Ecclesiastical History! Turns out, not only is our Armenian barber deeply Christian, he is also a scholar! He studies these books when there are no customers. He even has a plan to launch an Anglo-Saxon radio station to revive the language that was once our common parlance before the Norman invasion! The co-incidence I realised was that the very next day, April 24th, was the “Armenian Genocide Memorial Day”. From that day in 1915 The Ottoman government arrested and murdered hundreds of Armenian intellectuals (such as our barber) and community leaders in Constantinople (Istanbul). The killing expanded into brutal massacres of the male population across Ottoman lands and the deportation of women, children, and the elderly into the Syrian Desert. More than one million Armenian Christians were killed – roughly 70 percent of the total Armenian population in the Ottoman Empire.

Speaking of France, we continue to await any conclusive account of what actually happened at Notre Dame. While it may just be co-incidence, it is nevertheless significant that during the last year French churches have suffered a wave of fires, and deliberate damage with the Eucharist desecrated and statues smashed in a series of largely unreported attacks. On March 19th St Sulpice, the 2nd largest church in Paris also erupted into flames but fortunately survived without too much damage. Meanwhile above, we see happy children celebrating Easter morning. Happy that is, for just a few more moments because this is Easter morning at the Zion Evangelical Church in Batticaloa Sri Lanka. Were it not for the quick-thinking action of one young father, who sacrificed his own life, the bomber would have intruded further into the congregation causing even greater bloody carnage. It is important to remember these things… lest we forget. Meanwhile if you need a haircut look for the last shop towards Greenwich that says “fan” and say who sent you! 

God Bless
Fr Kevin

Endow – Young Women & Mothers Group 

This group continues to meet NB on Tuesdays at 11am in the OLSS basement rooms. We are following a course called “Light of the Nations” which focuses on the challenges of living and passing on the Catholic faith in the current time. See contact details in the newsletter in the church.


Maria L, Mary O, Kevin M, Fanny D, Patricia H, Douglas R, Timothy P, Patrick O, Martin H, Adrian M

May they Rest in Peace 

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Feast of Our Lady of Fatima 

All are invited to join for the Rosary at St Joseph’s to Commemorate the Feast of Our Lady of Fatima on Sunday 12th May at 5.00pm
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London Marathon Weekend 

Increasing Road Closures mean that we will keep usual Masses at normal times at OLSS.

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St Ursula’s School Vacancies September 

Teacher of Science – Sharing responsibility for providing the highest quality of Science education for all our students. There is potential for the post to include a TLR. 

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