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Fourth Sunday of Advent (Year C) 23rd DECEMBER 2018
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The Christmas Programme 

From the Fourth Sunday of Advent 

Saturday 22nd Mass OLSS 6.00pm Int: Michael & Kevin J (RiP) 

Sunday 23rd Mass OLSS 9.00 Ints: Dennis M & Stephany I 

St Joseph Mass 10.00 WB: Thomas M 

OLSS Mass 11.00am Int: Patrick B (BD) 

Monday 24th Christmas Eve 

The Children’s Mass 5.00pm OLSS Int: Fr John Lavery (RiP) 

Also a Children’s Mass at St Joseph 6.00pm Int: Fr Kevin’s Parents
All children are welcome to come dressed as Shepherds, Kings Angels and Stars 

Midnight Mass OLSS (With Choir) Gather at 11.00pm for start at 11.30 Int: Fergus M (RiP)

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Christmas Day Morning

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9.00am OLSS Int: Parish & People
10.00am St Joseph Int: John O (RiP)
11.00am OLSS Int: Frn’ & Paddy C (RiP) 

NB NO Tuesday Evening Mass at St Joseph’s on Christmas Day 

Boxing Day (St Stephen)

No Mass 

Thursday 27th Sung Requiem 11.00am OLSS John K RiP (NB No 9.30 OR 11.00 St Josephs) 

Friday 28th Mass OLSS 9.30 Int: Timmons Family 

Saturday 29th 11.00 Requiem Aron W St J’s 

12.30 Baptism OLSS Leo, Valentina, Mario, Charles (Fr Richard Plunkett will conduct this in lieu of above) 

Mass OLSS 6.00pm : Dan & Kath B (Wed An) 

Sunday 30th Mass OLSS 9.00 Int: Hynes Family RiP 

Holy Family Mass St J’s 10.00

Mass OLSS 11.00 Int: Peter R (RiP) 

Dear Friends, 

This newsletter brings our family greetings for Christmas 2018. It is impossible to respond to all the cards & messages (often with very generous enclosures) so please accept this circular as an expression of our gratitude. Thankyou for another happy year in Greenwich and to everybody who helps to make our two churches such great places. Too many to name but especially our beloved Sisters at St Joseph’s, Mick, and Maggie et al at OLSS. 

This year we have bid farewell to Fr Roy who is now PP at Herne Hill & Chaplain to KCH. Hopefully you will not need his services in hospital but if you have a friend or relative at least you know that he is there. I am sure that he would prefer to welcome you sometime at Ss Philip & James Church SE24 0BS. 

We are indebted meanwhile for the help of local priests to whom I express gratitude in recent months especially Fr Malcolm King, Fr Peter Kucera, and clergy from Woolwich & Charlton especially Fr Hyacinth, Fr Michael & Fr Tomasz who would like to extend their greetings. 

Sadly, this year we have lost some of our core people who have died, especially; Anne Cooper (just short of her 100th birthday), John O’ Reilly, Alan Lloyd, Jose Da Rosa, Peter Riley, Mary Dennehy, John Kemmis and tragically Aron Warren aged just 18. Our prayers and affection are especially with these families and all those who are grieving for loved ones at Christmas. 

Come and join us at any or all of the Christmas Masses. We shall have a NEW YEARS DAY Mass at St Joseph at 12.00 Midday. I shall be away for a little while in January on a trip to India visiting Fr Victor & Fr Martin who I am sure would also like to be remembered in Greenwich.

May God Bless you all
Fr Kevin 

“Son of God” 

He was born in a barn, His father a carpenter and his mother a decent woman but they were of no significance and certainly couldn’t have afforded to give the boy a private education. Yet as a teenager, he was arguing the toss with his elders and betters in the council chambers. 

He never got a proper job, just roamed around the countryside, unshaven and living off bread and water and the occasional fish, while offering his opinions to those who cared to listen. 

He became the manager of a football team known as “The Disciples” not one of them a star, in fact the twelfth man rather let the side down by accepting a transfer fee of thirty pieces of silver to play for the opposition. 

The authorities eventually arrested him as a rabble rouser but couldn’t decide what to charge him with other than the fact he claimed he was the Son of God. 

They strung him up with a couple of criminals, and when he finally gave up the ghost, rather assumed that would be the end of him. The disciples were relegated at the end of the season, in fact the captain claimed on more than one occasion that he had never been a member of the team. 

When he died at the age of 33 there were no obituaries in the local press reporting his achievements, no glossy supplements high-lighting his colourful career, no radio programmes to discuss his legacy, and no box sets recording any of his miracles. 

But then, He’d never relied on focus groups to advise him on current trends, or advertising gurus to spend millions promoting his brand, or spin doctors to sharpen his image, and he didn’t require social media to keep his followers up to date, so, you could be forgiven for assuming he’d be forgotten in a few days. 

So how can one explain that over two thousand years later, Jesus Christ is still the best-known celebrity on earth? 

Could it just be that he was; The Son of God? 

Jeffrey “Lord” Archer came within a hairs breadth of being the British Prime-Minister until events finally proved that he was a charlatan of the first order and, in 2001 he received a four-year prison sentence. 

I was RC Chaplain when, hot on the heels of Jonathan Aitkin, he arrived at HMP Belmarsh. For the first few weeks the authorities were anxious that he may be suicidal. For safety he was held in the health care wing, but nothing could have been further from the truth. As a celebrated author, now with the advantage of few interruptions, he could draw on a whole new set of experiences and observations to write his three volume best seller “A Prison Diary” (as well as a collection of further short stories). I am not sure if I am more ashamed than embarrassed to feature in Volume 1. 

Imprisonment was like water off a duck’s back for Lord Archer and just another opportunity to prosper. He could make money out of old rope found in a dustbin and otherwise useless for holding up a tramp’s trousers. I am not a fan, neither do I commend the reading of the Daily Mail (Nov24th). Nevertheless, his little piece published here and currently offered as a text for Cancer Research Christmas cards is worth some brief reflection. It is really a stolen re-writing of that popular 18thC text: “One Solitary Life”. 

Solitary Isolation may have been the best thing that ever happened to Lord Archer. At the very least he demonstrates to the rest of us how to survive in the face of catastrophic disaster, but it seems evident here that the real Lord may have played some part in that! 

Merry Christmas – Fr Kevin 

Crib Offering at both churches 2018 

The Crib Offering will go to the Catholic Children’s Society’s Southwark Crisis Fund. The fund provides emergency grants for children & families who are facing a crisis in their lives. Every single penny donated to the Crib at our churches will be dispersed via these grants. Two such families benefitted from grants within our Greenwich parishes last year. At OLSS a secure box fixed to the left of the chapel rail and is frequently emptied. 

Thankyou for your offering 16th December 

OLSS £720 

St Joseph’s £358 Candles £317 

A Cafod Christmas 

Stir in us the desire to cradle those
Who have nowhere to lay their head
That together we may
rock the boat of injustice
Give us grace to offer our hands
To those who reach out
That with faltering steps
We may find a way home. 

John K RiP 

John’s Funeral is confirmed this coming Thursday 27th December at 11.00
Sung Requiem OLSS
Cremation at Hither Green 

Mary D RiP 

Mary’s Funeral is arranged with a Sung Requiem at OLSS at 12.00noon on Wednesday 9th January
Followed by cremation at Hither Green. (Fr Tomasz –will conduct this Mass)
Our thoughts and affection remain with all these families during the Christmas season 

Aron W RiP (Aged 18) 

Aron’s Funeral is arranged for St Joseph’s Church next Saturday 29th January at 11.00am
Followed by Committal at Kemnal Park Cemetery 



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