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Advent and Christmas 2018: click here for time of services

Third Sunday of Advent (Year C) 16th DECEMBER 2018
Mauve Book Page 87 

Enfield Town Park is a beautiful place. When I was a child, we spent a lot of time there. It has a paddling pool, a boating pond and an ornamental lake as well as the “New River” flowing on the far side. The worst offence for a kid back in the 60’s was to sail your little boat in the duck pond. The park warden would be straight over and you didn’t mess with him. He wore a peaked cap and lived in a house with railings by the gates. When we were older, on the way home from school we could cut through the cemetery. You didn’t mess about there (we wouldn’t have done anyway) because the cemetery supervisor lived in a house by the old gates. I remember a girl called Christine. She used to sing in the choir but was four years older than me. Apart from the fact that she wore the tiniest mini dresses imaginable, I remember her most of all because she lived with her family in the railway man’s house at Crews Hill. Crews Hill is still the third least used station in London (look it up online) but it had a Station Master, real fires in the waiting rooms in winter and beautiful flowers along the platforms in summer. Nearby was the old waterworks. Guess what? You didn’t mess about anywhere near the waterworks because, Yes, the Waterworks man lived in the waterman’s house and he would be straight there to sort you out. We didn’t mess about much on the long walk home from school (3-4 miles) because Harold, the old road sweep would be passing along on a bicycle and he knew where every kid lived and who their parents were and he had done the job come wind and shine for 100 years with just a broom and a barrow. Everybody loved him. That was the world as I remember. The school keeper lived on site, the local vicar would be taking a walk, and the milk float would be trundling past. 

Near the church there was a“Tardis”, a Police Box miles from any houses and do you know what? Sometimes, when it was raining, there would be a real, actual, live policeman standing inside. Nowadays you’ve got more chance of finding a female Dr Who. This is serious stuff. We had arguments and accidents, fell out of trees and into rivers, lit camp fires in dustbins, stole apples and took risks on our bicycles but we knew that always, somebody nearby would be ready to sort us out according to the moment. 

I remember the year that Stephen Lawrence died in Eltham; 1993. I was still a CofE Vicar nearby in Downham. The tragic event distressed me deeply because it was so unthinkable. This week police were called to another fatal stabbing in Eltham. The tally so far in London alone is 131, with three weeks of the year still left. The figure includes 75 stabbings & 13 shootings. Sadly that is not all: Last Saturday evening an 18year old lad was stabbed to death at an address in Prior Street. His name was Aron Warren (above). His distraught Mum & Dad are Lorraine & John. Aron was a child at St Joseph’s and a thoughtful youngster in our Confirmation group at OLSS in 2013. This was one of ours! We buried Nan & G’dad Rose & Cornelius from St Joseph’s, then the family moved to Kent. Aron was back in Greenwich staying with his elder brother. Three lads burst into the flat, menaced him for money and took his life. Do you know what adds to my anger? Less than 200 yards away there is/was a Police Station! In Dec 2015 it was deemed “unsuitable for operational requirements”, the site is being developed for prestige housing. A 16yr old boy was later arrested! All this is progress! 

It’s nearly Christmas, 
my heart breaks,
Fr Kevin 

Our own OLSS Carol Service is this Sunday 16th December at 6:30pm 

Our 9.00am choir have expanded and put in great effort to bring a lovely offering of praise to OLSS. Do come and join this Sunday there will be a little buffet and a glass of Port! 

Impromptu Christmas Choir 

We need cheerful singers for the impromptu Christmas Choir especially for Midnight Mass. See contact details in the newsletter in the church.

Tuesday 18th Dec. at 7:00 p.m.
Thursday 20th Dec. at 7:00 p.m.
Saturday 22nd Dec. at 2:00 p.m. 


Mary S, Harry H, Mary O, Jemima M, Martin O, Tom K, James B, George D, Michael A, Davies J, Patrick O, Fergus M, Susan M, William O, Daniel C, Christopher Y, Molly H, Monica C 

May they Rest in Peace 

Fr Michael LAMBERT (RiP) 

Fr Michael Lambert was a long-standing PP at Charlton in the 1980s and later in Nottingham. He died following a road accident on Sat’ 1st. Requiem Mass Monday 17th Dec at 11 am in Hitchin. 

Mary RiP 

People will be very sad to hear of the unexpected passing of Mary last Saturday following a complication from what should have been a minor surgical procedure. Husband Sean died in 2015. The family have been very faithful and part of the fabric at OLSS for many years. An elegant Irish lady and a devoted family, mother to Helen (& Paul in NZ) & Grandmother to Lizzie & Georgina the family have also seen two generations at the Ursuline School. 

Funeral arrangements TBC 

John RiP 

John died peacefully at home last Tuesday following a difficult illness but enfolded constantly in the vigilant love of his family. Our Thoughts and affection are with devoted wife Susan and the four children, Luke, Anna, Oliver & Laura and numerous grandchildren. 

The Funeral is provisionally arranged for Thursday 27th December at 11.00 Sung Requiem OLSS 

Cremation at Hither Green 

Further thoughts are with Ann Keane & Maria who both lost brothers before Christmas 

Advent Window 

The window featured at OLSS presbytery is the 13th in the series of St Alphege Windows and was produced by the Ursuline School Art Department. It features the progress of the Holy Family using the theme “Field of Dreams” in the style of Marc Chagall and commemorating the 100th anniversary of the end of the “Great War”. See: 

Take some time to reflect this Advent 

The diocesan Spirituality Commission has produced a series of daily emails, to focus the meaning of Advent: 

Thankyou for your Offertory 9th December 

OLSS £643 

St Joseph’s £442 


Saturday 15th Mass OLSS 6.00pm Int: Kathleen S (RiP) 

Sunday 16th Mass OLSS 9.00 Int: Florrie F (RiP) 

3rd Sunday Mass St J’s 10.00 Int: Mani (RiP) 

Of Advent Meeting for Parents of FHC Children St Joseph after Mass 

Mass OLSS 11.00 Int: Patrick & Frances C (RiP) Welcome Fr Peter at OLSS 

OLSS Carol Sevice 6.30 with Cheese Buffet and Port Sunday 16th 

Monday 17th No Mass on Monday 

Tuesday 18th Mass OLSS 9.30 Int: Martin F (WB) 

Mass St J’s 7.00 Int: Safe Journey & Protection -Andry & Isabelle 

Wednesday 19th Mass OLSS 9.30 Int: Maggie B (RiP) 

Thursday 20th Mass OLSS 9.30 Int: 

Mass St J’s 11.00 Int: ThG & W/B of Usha 

The St Joseph’s School Christmas Production – All Welcome 1.30 in Church 

Friday 21st Mass OLSS 9.30 Int: Dec’d Rel & Friends Kath P (RiP) 

Saturday 22nd Mass OLSS 6.00pm Int: Michael & Kevin J (RiP) 

Sunday 23rd Mass OLSS 9.00 Int: Stephany I (RiP) 

Fourth Sunday Mass St J’s 10.00 Int: 

Of Advent Mass OLSS 11.00 Int: 

Manna Centre Don’t forget we welcome your preserved foods, cereals & biscuits etc and warm clothing for use at the Manna centre at both churches until the New Year. 

Repositories at both churches There are all kinds of lovely things for Christmas, thanks to Maggie & Florence, stop and look before you go home. Christmas Cards, Candles, Calendars, and even beautiful tiny little jewellery Christmas cribs. At OLSS Maggie has also prepared Hampers which will be raffled for Christmas.

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