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Twenty-Ninth Sunday in Ordinary Time 21st OCTOBER 2018
Blue Book Page 218 

I am really pleased that recently people have felt inspired to write for the Newsletter and it has all been good stuff! Maeve wrote about the grave of a forgotten Irish priest that she found from the American Civil War. Elisabeth wrote about a pilgrimage to Patmos. Rob described a spiritual experience with his family walking the Camino to the Shrine of St James. Tom brought his much-loved father (and mother) back to mind. Max reflected on a year without Alice. Florence gave us an account of the Eucharistic Congress ADOREMUS, and I have still more pieces waiting to find a slot including articles from Jan, Mick, Tina & Fr Roy. 

This is exactly how I hoped the newsletter would develop! It is said that everybody has at least one good book inside them. Let me encourage others, who might not have the confidence, to take heart and write something thoughtful for others to share. You can email me 500 words. Each week the newsletter is circulated to a list of some 300+ people. It goes all over the world. I receive cheerful responses from people in Australia, Salzberg, Bristol, North Wales and many other places even including Greenwich! Now I never know out of that 300 how many people actually welcome the newsletter and how many dump it in the spam folder. If you would like to be added send an email to (this may soon change as the Diocese would like all clergy to use one SOUTHWARK based email system. If somebody knows how to amalgamate all my current addresses into one form that would be good). 

Meanwhile it will be evident that I have never subscribed to that all pervading medium “Facebook” that is until now! 

For the last 7 years I have been at a loss to know how to launch a serious restoration programme for the whole church building of OLSS. I am indebted to my friend Mike in Bromley who has quietly cultivated a Star of the Sea facebook page for several months with related articles. I am amazed that it has now collected some 2000 followers. This is crunch time. In the light of recent events you will realise that we are now in considerable difficulty and will need all the “friends” we can find. It is surely a useful medium for sharing pictures and promoting interest. The images that may now be viewed there, will indicate the deterioration of the stone at high level in the tower. With a little help no doubt 2000 followers will become 5 or even 10. I never know to what extent my literary efforts are actually valued but Mike insists we can reach a much wider audience. Twittering on… Now, as well as the Facebook page Jane has been running an excellent twitter page which she keeps up to date with interesting stuff see: Stella Maris @MarisCrooms up until now I have also avoided twitter but things change. Somebody suggested that over the last 7 years I have published enough curious little historical articles in the newsletter that they could be bound together in a booklet for a wider audience. Anyway, the things you can find out of Facebook! I will attach a link to my nephew Liam’s page who (like Felix) is cautiously stepping into the ring for his first sparring attempts at boxing. Who knows, he might soon be ready to go a few rounds with… MRS BELCHAMBER!

Fr Kevin

Enter by the Narrow (side) Door 

For the time being, until we are advised otherwise, please enter OLSS by the side door and avoid using the front door and immediate forecourt. We continue to await an inspection of the upper tower. Also this week at St Josephs please also use the side entrance and avoid the Narthex while these areas are being repaired and decorated. 

Parish Quiz Night 

Sincere thanks to Pat & Peter who organised the great Quiz night last week. The final amount raised was £1,150 and a good time was had by all even some with no homes to go to at 2.00am! 

Thankyou for your offertory 14th Oct. 

OLSS £546 Cafod £11.50 Candles £90
St J’s 7th £375 14th £432 boxes £272 

NB OLSS It may appear from recent figures as if our collections have significantly fallen. This is because more & more people have taken to the Gift Aid Direct Debit Scheme. In fact DD’s have now increased to more than 2.K each month. This has enabled repairs to the Parish Rooms & Presbytery this year. The advantage of the DD debit scheme are manifold, not least with financial accounting but it especially means that much less cash is lying on the premises waiting to be banked. If you would like to join the scheme at either Church please ask for a form that you will find at the entrance to the church. 

A Parish Database: We have made 3 attempts to set up a Parish Database of names and addresses and related details. We need somebody with the right expertise to set this up as an immediate task in conjunction with GDPR. 

A Day of reflection for Ministers & Readers 

Is planned on Saturday 17th November with Bp Patrick for Extraordinary Minsters of Holy Communion & Readers. At Bp Thomas School SW162HY. The programme has been distributed electronically but if you would like to be included ask for a form. 

Please remember among the sick: 

Eileen (Respite Care Eltham)
Baby Eva & Sam (KCH)
Phil (Recovering at home)
Anthony (Guys Hs) 


Susan V, Elizabeth M, Anthony S, Darcey W, Sean K, Arthur B, Frank L, Alfred G, Willie O, David W, Nicola H, Michael H 

May they Rest in Peace 

Combined OLSS & St Joseph’s Confirmation Programme Is your child at least 12 years old and would like to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation? 

The programme for OLSS and St Joseph’s will run on Sundays, starting on the 18th of November (9:15-10:45, followed by the Mass at 11) with breaks following the school calendar. The Confirmation Mass will be on Sunday, the 30th of June 2019. Registration forms are available. The first Parents’ Meeting, where the programme will be consolidated, will be held on Thurs 8th November at 8pm. For more information see the contact details in the newsletter in the church.

Thinking about the Catholic Faith: An Adult RCIA Group 

A little group of adults who are interested to explore the Catholic faith with a view to becoming Catholic began to meet last Wednesday with Sr Alice OSU & Fr Kevin. It is not too late for other people to join. Welcome this Wednesday in the parish rooms at OLSS at 7.30. We are meeting informally for just one hour so you do not have to consign the whole evening. 

Mums & little ones this Thursday 25th 

Welcome again at the Ursuline Covent 66 Crooms Hill from 2.30pm 

Don’t Shoot the Messenger 

Last week I indicated that there are discussions with the L.A. to close off Crooms Hill to through traffic to which I have raised objections. The e-mail address in the newsletter is a local lady who is trying to co-ordinate the response of residents in Crooms Hill. By all means message her to add your name to a list of concerned local people but the oracle to whom you should register your opinions is 

Baptism If you are seeking the Baptism of a child at either church the next preparation meeting will be Wednesday Nov 14th at OLSS 


Saturday 20th Mass OLSS 6.00pm Int: Sr. Kieran (RiP) 2nd Collections at all Masses 

Sunday 21st Mass OLSS 9.00 Int: Victor M (RiP) “MISSIO” 

29th Sunday Mass St J’s 10.00 Int: John H (RiP) 

Mass OLSS 11.00 Int: Jose R (RiP) 

Tonight A Concert for The Philippines Petra & Andrea: a piano & harpsicord duet recital for the Philippines at St Joseph’s church at 6.30 bring your friends, bring a cake or a packet of crisps or a bottle of wine Fr Kevin’s Sausage Casserole Monday 22nd No Mass on Monday 

Tuesday 23rd Mass OLSS 9.30 Int: Julia & Teresa F (WB) 

Mass St J’s 7.00 Int: “In Thanksgiving” 

Wednesday 24th Mass OLSS 9.30 Int: Pat K (RiP) 

Thursday 25th Mass OLSS 9.30 Int: Sr De Angelis O.P. (Ann Prof) 

Mass St J’s 11.00 Int: 

Friday 26th Mass OLSS 9.30 Int: Joyce W (RiP) 

Saturday 27th Mass OLSS 6.00pm Int: Michael H (RiP) 

Sunday 28th Mass OLSS 9.00 Int: Teresa K (WB) 

29th Sunday Mass St J’s 10.00 Int: Parish & People 

Mass OLSS 11.00 Int: Joe C RiP (1st Ann) 

Parking at St. Joseph’s Don’t pay to park for Sunday Mass at the meters! Parking is available for church users on Sunday in the school carpark from 9.30-11.30 on Sunday. Cars left at owners’ risk etc.

NB. Your imaginative Local Authority now has money from the Mayor of London to reduce the use of motor vehicles. A plan to “Help prevent child obesity” will close Commerell Street by St Josephs ON WEEKDAYS only AT SCHOOL TIME with removeable barriers. Apparently, the L.A. have “listened to the consultation process” (of which we have heard nothing) CF and plan to implement this from 7th November. They welcome comments: Don’t hold your breath for a reply and keep your comments polite and respectable as befits Christian people! 

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