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Twenty-Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time 23rd SEPTEMBER 2018
Blue Book Page 209

The Man At The Back Of The Church. 

The man who was so well known at the back of the church (OLSS) for more than 70 years was my Dad; Patrick. 

Like so many Irish men at that time and for so many in the years before, Paddy came to Greenwich looking for work, in 1948, from Cappaquin, Co. Waterford, Ireland. He stayed as a single man living in digs a short distance from the church in Gloucester Circus. At sometime around 1955, following a blind date, he met my mother Frances. They were married in 1960. 

Paddy & Frances where blessed with 5 children. They moved to Charlton in 1968, living in the same house in Meridian Road for the rest of their lives where we all grew up. Every Sunday they got the bus to Our Lady Star of the Sea. Throughout that time, Paddy was the right-hand man working alongside many of the priest’s including Monsignor Farrell, Father McCarthy, Father Murphy, Father Lavery & Father Kevin. He had done many jobs for them; Greeter, Altar Server, collection, teaching the Altar Servers. He cleaned and painted the church many times. Towards the end of Fr Lavery’s time both he and Joe (RiP) were presented with The Benemerenti Medal, from Pope Benedict for 60 years of service to Our Lady Star of the Sea. Dad wore that medal with such great pleasure*. 

Paddy’s health waned, over the later years. Believe it or not, Dad survived two heart attacks and subsequently two triple heart bypass operations. At the same time, he sustained ongoing heart failure, kidney failure, COPD, emphysema, epilepsy, fluid retention and many many bouts of pneumonia. We were very lucky to have him as long as we did. Gradually his walking declined too, but you would have never realised it, he never showed it. For the last 3 years I brought Mum and Dad with Dad riding in a wheelchair, which he hated. Gradually we exchanged rolls. He took great pleasure in telling me right from wrong, but still sat with that beaming smile and dignity. 

The biggest fight Dad confronted was Mum’s death on 28th September 2016 after 56 years of marriage and 61 years together. He missed her very badly. Almost to the day, just less than a year later, Paddy joined her in Heaven on the 19th September 2017. Everyone would mention to me; Who was the man at the back of the church, who said hello to everybody every Sunday, Easter & Christmas, who loved all the children and babies, and who put a smile on everyone’s face? I have the honour to say that that was my Dad, my hero Patrick, he was 89 you would have never realised it… 

This week marks the first Anniversary of his death last Wednesday and the 2nd for Mum next Friday.

May God Bless them
And Have Mercy on their souls.
And may they Rest in Peace. 


* That Blessed Medal caused such distress when it was “lost” somewhere between home and church one Sunday morning. I thought I would have to go to Rome and get another! It had become unfastened from his coat and fortunately slipped down under the seat of Tom’s car to be rediscovered later that same day. Frances used to say of Paddy “I love the very bones of him”: not a bad foundation for a marriage. We will bless their newly set double headstone this week

Fr Kevin 

Please remember among the sick: 

May (Now Home) 

Phil (Recovering at home) 

Anthony (Guys Hs) 


Frances C, Mary H, Patrick O, Ruby U, Percy H, Katherine S, Adalina R, Janina O, Arthur T, Bernard D, Elsie & Tom P 

May they Rest in Peace 

Thank You for your Offering 16th Sept. 

St Joseph £292 Home Mission £42
OLSS £702 Home Mission £91 Coffee £47 


FRIDAY 12th OCTOBER @7.15pm 

No need to be good at quizzes…. it’s just a great get together! Only £5 per ticket (includes snacks, licenced bar and lots of prizes!). All proceeds will go to our Parish funds. Tickets are still currently available – but we need more people to join in to make this a success! So, please bring your family, friends and neighbours etc. Teams of 6 to 8 people. Enter as a team (or part team, an individual or a couple and we’ll join you with others to make a full team). 

Tickets available after weekend Mass or email: or see the contact details in the newsletter in the church.

OLSS First Holy Communion Programme 

Is your child at least 7 years old and would like to receive First Holy Communion? The OLSS FHC programme will run on Saturdays starting on the 4th of November (10:45-12:00), with breaks following the school calendar. The First Holy Communion Mass will be on Sunday, the 16th of June 2019. Registration forms will be available from next Sunday. The first Parents’ Meeting, where the programme will be firmed up, will be held on Thursday 18th October at 8pm (St Joseph’s Programme commences in the New Year) 

Combined OLSS & St Joseph’s Confirmation Programme Is your child at least 12 years old and would like to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation? 

The programme for OLSS and St Joseph’s will run on Sundays, starting on the 18th of November (9:15-10:45, followed by the Mass at 11) with breaks following the school calendar. 

The Confirmation Mass will be on Sunday, the 30th of June 2019. Registration forms are available. The first Parents’ Meeting, where the programme will be consolidated, will be held on Thurs 8th November at 8pm. For more information: see contact details in the newsletter in the church.

Thinking about the Catholic Faith 

An adult group will run on Wednesday Evenings in the parish rooms at OLSS from October 17th. Sr Alice OSU will run this with Fr Kevin for an hour each week from 7.30. We will follow a structured course called “A New Journey in faith”. If you are on the edge of the Catholic faith or would like to explore what it means to be a Catholic come and join us at this time. There are application forms available at both churches to return to Fr Kevin. 

Mums (& Dads) and Little Ones etc
Welcome This Thursday 27th from 2.30. 

The Ursuline Convent 66 Crooms Hill 

Next Week Cafod Harvest Family Fast Day appeal. 

Please welcome Dominic Donnelly who will speak on behalf of Cafod at all Masses at OLSS. 

Mick Shepherd will speak at St Joseph’s. 

Rosary Crusade 13th Oct the 101st Anniversary of Fatima the largest public act of Marian devotion begins from Westminster Cathedral at 1.45 

Baptism Preparation Wednesday 10th Oct 

If you are seeking the Baptism of a Child either at OLSS OR St Joseph the next meeting will be this Wednesday 10th October in the Parish Rooms at OLSS. 

Parking at St Joseph’s 

I am grateful to Mrs Mouquet at St Joseph’s school who has given permission for the school carpark to be available for church users on Sunday. Vehicles are left at owners risk etc. 


Saturday 22nd Mass OLSS 6.00pm Int: Irene R 93rd BD 

Sunday 23rd Mass OLSS 9.00 Int: Parish & People 

25th Sunday Mass St J’s 10.00 Int: Elizabeth M (RiP) & Family Welcome Fr Malcom King 

in Ordinary Time Mass OLSS 11.00 Int: Paddy C (RiP) & Frances C (RiP) 

Baptism of Amelia 

Monday 24th No Mass on Monday 

Tuesday 25th Mass OLSS 9.30 Int: Christine O (RiP) 

Mass St J’s 7.00 Int: Peter B (RiP) 

Wednesday 26th Mass OLSS 9.30 Int: “Vishwa” WB & Guidance 

Thursday 27th Mass OLSS 9.30 Int: 

Mass St J’s 11.00 Int: Michael C (RiP) 

Friday 28th Mass OLSS 9.30 Int: Sr Kieran O’Riordan OSU (RiP) 

Saturday 29th Holy Baptism 12.30 OLSS Ela, Hugo & Joseph 

Mass OLSS 6.00pm Int: Kathleen B (RiP) 

Sunday 30th Mass OLSS 9.00 Int: Parish & People 

26th Sunday Mass St J’s 10.00 Int: Eva M (Thg) Esther & Sam 

Cafod family Harvest Mass OLSS 11.00 Int: Rachel R (BD/RiP from 9th) 

Please Remember Kathleen McInernay & family following the unexpected death of Elizabeth last week. 

Congratulations to Mick his youngest daughter Esther safely gave birth to her first baby at KCH on Wed 19th weighing just 6 lbs. Mother & baby are both doing well. 

A Concert for The Philippines Petra & Andrea are planning an instrumental piano & harpsicord duet charity concert for the Philippines’ on Sunday Oct 21st Nb at OLSS church at 6.30 

The Centre for Catholic Formation in Tooting are presenting a wide programme of training events and Biblical Studies from the Autumn term including the Diocesan catechetical Certificate and studies at various levels of progress. There are posters in Church or check the Website: 

For the Rosary Crusade on October 13th see: www.rosarycrusadeof 

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