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Teal Book Page 290

“Send forth your Spirit, O Lord,
and renew the face of the earth”. 

Each year, as we proclaim the Resurrection afresh and finally emerge into Springtime and the joy of Easter, I wish we could stay at that moment for the rest of our lives and never move on! It’s like the three disciples in the story of the Transfiguration. They were determined at that moment that they had come far enough on their journey with the Lord and they should shelter at the top of the mountain for the rest of their lives. In the opening words of the Gospel, St Mark makes a point of proclaiming “This is the beginning of the Gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ”. You might assume that, if the advent of Jesus marked the beginning, then his Resurrection and Ascension must mark the end, but you would be mistaken! When the Lord called out from the cross “It is accomplished” his work of salvation was complete but for the Apostles, their mission and purpose was only just beginning. The Gospel never ends! It continues imprinted in the lives of faithful men and women in each generation, so that “The world might believe in his name and that through him they might have everlasting life”. St John emphasises that Jesus came so that “We might have life in all its fullness”. The Lord wants us to take hold of life and live it to the best of our abilities from beginning to end. With this in mind I took my Dad to Wales. For his 92nd birthday we “flew” like birds on a wire from the peak of a mountain across Welsh valleys and long abandoned slate mines. Located near Bethesda, The Penrhyn Zip Wire is the fastest zip line in the world. At over a mile it is also the longest in 

Europe. If you sometimes feel a little depressed or are tempted to think that life is not worth living, give it a try yourself. At 900 feet above the ground suspended in a suit like a torpedo, you accelerate from 0–60 in four seconds and are soon travelling headfirst at speeds of more than 110 mph. For those brief exhilarating moments, you realise that you are not in control of your life and yet you are totally safe. When you arrive at the bottom you will not feel depressed any longer and you will rediscover that you are very glad indeed to be alive! 

We sing at Easter; “Send forth your Spirit, O Lord, and renew the face of the earth” (Ps109) but it is ideal for Pentecost. Life is moving on. Send forth your spirit O Lord and renew the face of my life. The Lord promised that “He would not leave us as orphans but would send another Comforter even the Spirit of truth” Armed in the power of that Spirit and in the knowledge of his resurrection the apostles went out and changed the world. This is Pentecost. The same spirit and the knowledge of his resurrection empowers our lives today if only you will let it breath within you. And how does that happen? By “self-abandonment to divine providence”. It’s a bit like throwing yourself off a mountain while hanging on to a wire. Or as the Lord put it himself; 

You will not begin to find your life
until you are willing to lose it…” 

Anyway, marking the moments, let’s pray for Harry & Meghan this weekend and let’s pray once again for the Peace of Jerusalem as the Palestinian people feel increasingly dispossessed of their millennial rights to claim a shared inheritance in that Holy City. 

Happy landings.
God Bless Fr Kevin

Thankyou for your offertory 

St Josephs 6th May £434 Passage £216
13th May £877 World Comms £40 (OLSS TBC) 


Rose D, Jeremiah G, Irene M, Anne P, Eamon W, Rev D F Coffey, Matilda J, Fr Vincent Power, Paul O, Gladys J, Robert M, Kathleen F, Sr Eugene Ryan OSU, 

May they Rest in Peace 

Baptism Preparation Wednesday 13th June 

Fr Kevin has been away for the early part of May. If you are seeking the Baptism of a child either at OLSS OR St Joseph the next preparation group will be on Wednesday 13th June at 7.00pm. No need to book a place. Please bring your child if necessary. 

Welcome to 60+ group 

Meet this Thursday 24th at the Dominican Convent 38 Hyde Vale at 2.00 pm. Fr Kevin will deliver again his recent talk on OLSS and related history 

Church cleaning OLSS Volunteers needed on Thursday evening 24th at 7.00pm. 

The Great OLSS Party Saturday July 7th 7.00 till late, Live Music, Bar & Barbecue 

Tickets and draw tickets will be soon available – limited numbers. Special thanks to Alex & Virginia our Sponsors at Amber Tree Café High St Deptford Parish 

A Quiz Night is also planned for Friday 12th October at 7.15pm. More info to follow nearer the time, put this date in your diary. 

A Prayer of intercession: 

Let us pray that the Holy Spirit
will guide the people of Ireland with wisdom
and courage in the forthcoming referendum.
In all circumstances may they show love and care for children and their mothers. 

Lord, hear us. 

Belated Thanks 

To Rosemond (who before I went away) raised £127.70 with her sale of wonderful homemade jam & marmalade. It all sold very quickly and no doubt did not last long when people got it home! 


An Invitation to the Summer Celebration from the Carmelite Community 

Parish of Our Lady of Mount Carmel
NB: 35 Tanners Street Faversham
Kent ME13 7JW 

Saturday May 26th – 11:00 to 17:30 


11.00: Devotions with Anointing
12.00 – 13.00: Picnic on the grounds
13.30: Open Air Mass
14.30: Saint Jude procession 

The summer is always very beautiful at the Shrine, and it will be lovely to see visitors at the Summer Celebration. All welcome. 

(Last week this was incorrectly indicated as being at Aylseford) 

MASS CALENDAR FOR 19th – 27th MAY 2018 

Saturday 19th Mass OLSS 6.00 Int: Michael B (WB) 

Holy Baptism Joseph, Maximilian, Joshua, Alexander 11.30 OLSS 

Wedding of James M & Jenny T OLSS 13.30 

Sunday 20th Mass OLSS 9.00 Int: Parish & People 

Pentecost Mass St J’s 10.00 Int: Anne C (RiP) 

Mass OLSS 11.00 Int: Walter & Alice P (RiP) 

Monday 21st No Mass on Monday 4.30 Reception of the Body of José Tuesday 22nd Mass OLSS 9.30 Int: Julie & Teresa F (W/B) 

Sung Requiem 11.30 José R RiP (Burial at Falcon Wood) 

Mass St J’s 7.00 Int: 

Wednesday 23rd Mass OLSS 9.30 Int: Matthew T (RiP) 

Thursday 24th Mass OLSS 9.30 Int: Stephanie K (RiP) 

OLJC Eternal Priest Mass St J’s 11.00 Int: James H (RiP) 

Friday 25th Mass OLSS 9.30 Int: James F (RiP) 

Saturday 26th Nuptial Mass Sarah M & David S 12.00 noon 

Mass OLSS 6.00 Int: Ann C (RiP) 

Sunday 27th Mass OLSS 9.00 Int: Parish & People 

The Most Holy Mass St J’s 10.00 Int: Parish & People 

Trinity Mass OLSS 11.00 Int: Sr Kamfwa O.P. (Prof Ann) 

Irish Referendum on the Eighth Amendment 25th May 2018. (From Archbishop Peter) 

In their Spring Statement, the Irish Bishops wrote, “Article 40.3.3 is a declaration of equality and respect for human life. It represents, at the very foundations and substructure of our laws, a conviction that all human life is worth cherishing equally. To repeal this Article would leave unborn children at the mercy of whatever permissive abortion laws might be introduced in Ireland in the future. We invite people of faith to pray earnestly that Ireland will “choose life” and that the lives of all women and their unborn children will always be loved, valued, welcomed and respected in this country.” 

Post expires at 8:26pm on Saturday June 23rd, 2018