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Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time Sunday 28th January 2018
Teal Book Page 129

Many of you will know that Fr Kevin began his priestly ministry in the CofE. He was one of my curates in the Parish of Duston in Northamptonshire (7 years probation at St Luke & St Francis with no remission and not much good behaviour KR). From being colleagues we became friends and that friendship has continued. Every we time we are together we always make time to pray the Daily Office of the Church together, as we did all those years ago. Now our roles are reversed instead of my chasing him to produce something for the parish he has invited me to write for your weekly paper again.

We have just finished another Week of Prayer for Christian Unity. For over a hundred years this week has been observed and the ecumenical movement has touched all our Churches. As a result of this movement all sorts of things have happened. Popes, Archbishops and Protestant Ministers meet, as well as with leaders of non-Christian Religions. Many of the reforms in our worship is the result of ecumenical study and research into the Church’s past. Many barriers have been and are being broken down. Yet division continues and it is easy to lose heart.

We must remember that it is Our Lord’s prayer “that they all may be one.” Unity is God’s desire and gift. We are learning that we should not do on our own those things we can do together. This has led to the growth of Food Banks, Shelters for the homeless and many other activities which embrace not only Christians of different denominations but people from outside the Churches. All this is positive. For many the separation at the altar is most painful.

So much has moved in ecumenical relations. The Church of England welcomes Christians from other Churches to receive the Blessed Sacrament when present at our Eucharist/Mass. One of my sadnesses is that many of us are not at this stage yet. In the Parish where my wife and I worship, the local Roman Catholic Parish joins with ours for Stations of the Cross each Lent and often people from other Churches join in our study groups. Their priest is also a former Anglican and another friend. So, we must not lose heart.

If there is anything that will lead us to unity, I believe that each of us must draw nearer to Our Lord Jesus Christ and allow His Grace to flow into our lives. Like the Saints we should become Christlike in our daily lives, then nothing can separate us from that deepest unity which is with Our Lord Himself. It is when we let go of claiming to have the whole truth, learning to listen to one another that we will allow the Holy Spirit to “lead us into all truth.” Finally the words from a eucharistic hymn reminds us of our final destiny:

“So, Lord at length
when sacraments shall cease,
May we be one
with all Thy Church above,
One with thy saints
in one unbounded love:
More blessed still,
in peace and love to be
One with the Trinity in Unity.” 

(O thou, who at thy Eucharist didst pray) 

With my prayers for that Unity in Christ. 

Peter Garlick 

Thank you for Your Offerings
TBC this week

This Newsletter was prepared in advance as Fr Kevin was away during the last week

The Ursuline school is currently advertising THREE Job Vacancies for 2018: 

Deputy Headteacher – from April or Sept Teacher of English – from April Also 

Exam Invigilators required – £9.00per hour 

(Previous experience is not necessary as full training is given. This role offers flexible working arrangements).

For info see: or Louise Shackel 020 8858 4613 ext 127.

Forthcoming Funerals 

Eileen RIP 

Eileen lived in Coleraine Road (The daughter of Violet -Lena- Peskett) She died sadly on December 30th aged 65 following a difficult period of illness. The funeral Mass is arranged at OLSS for Tuesday 30th January at 2.00pm.

Cremation at Hither Green.

Kathleen RIP 

Kathleen lived at Davern Close on the Caltock Estate. She died at Lewisham Hospital on 13th Jan. The Funeral is AT ST JOSEPH Church at 9.30 on Friday 9th February.

Cremation at Hither Green

Barbara RIP 

The Funeral of Barbara is arranged at OLSS also on Friday 9th at 11.30 Burial at Grove Park.

(NB Fr Michael Branch will officiate)

Eucharistic Conference 

In preparation for the National Eucharistic Conference in September the diocese is inviting parish delegates to a special meeting at the Centre for Catholic Formation (Tooting) on Saturday 3rd February. Each Parish should send two delegates, who would like to go? Meanwhile the Diocese would like to promote Eucharistic Adoration in all parishes across the Diocese. At OLSS there is normally exposition from 9.00am but if a committed group would like to restore a longer devotion perhaps with the Rosary or saying the office of Morning Prayer this would be welcome. At St Joseph’s an extended devotional evening takes place around the Mass from 6.15 – Mass at 7.00- and Fatima Rosary Devotions following.

Ash Wednesday will fall on 14th February 

Easter comes early this year, Good Friday March 30th Easter Sunday April 1st. In conjunction with the appeal to promote Eucharistic Adoration we are looking to have a Day of Prayer on the First Friday of March (March 2nd). The Blessed Sacrament will be exposed at OLSS throughout the day after the 9.30 Mass. It is very important that the sacrament is never left unattended. Will you come and watch and pray for 30 minutes or perhaps an hour on that day? We will arrange for a rota that you can sign at the beginning of Lent.

This Sunday is Racial Justice Sunday 

All are Welcome

“Every stranger who knocks at our door
is an opportunity for an encounter
with Jesus Christ, who identifies
with the welcomed and rejected
strangers of every age”
Pope Francis 

As Catholics we are called to treat all humans with dignity, regardless of their background or circumstance. There are many stories of alienation throughout the Bible, with clear calls to “Love the stranger”. That the Church is a place where all belong is clearly seen in the recent Feast of the Epiphany, when Christ is revealed not only to the Israelites, but to all of God’s people. The theme this year is “Belonging”, emphasising that we are called not only to ensure our parishes welcome newcomers, strangers, and those from different backgrounds, but also that all people will know they will find a welcome in our parishes. The funds raised will go towards supporting the Church’s work on racial justice issues.


Fr Graziano 27th Mass OLSS 6.00 Int: Monica B (RiP)

Sunday 28th Mass OLSS 9.00 Int: Michael S (RiP)

Fr Antony Uche OP Mass St J’s 10.00 Int: Parish & People

Mass OLSS 11.00 Int: Maurice H (RiP)

Monday 29th No Mass on Monday

Tuesday 30th Mass OLSS 9.30 Int:

Eileen RIP Funeral Mass OLSS Tuesday at 2.00pm 

Mass St J’s 7.00 Int: Rada (RiP)

Wednesday 31st Mass OLSS 9.30 Int:

Thursday 1tst Mass OLSS 9.30 Int: Spencley C (WB)

Friday 2nd Mass OLSS 9.30 Int:

Saturday 3rd Mass OLSS 6.00 Int: Maureen D & Fr Philip (RiP)

Sunday 4th Mass OLSS 9.00 Int: Parish & People

Fifth Sunday in Mass St J’s 10.00 Int: Mary O (Thg)

Ordinary Time Mass OLSS 11.00 Int: Maria L & Inacia M (RiP)


O God, Who created all people in Your Holy Image, Who loves the stranger, Who cares for the downtrodden, Walk with those who face discrimination, protect them from harm help them see Christ in our community. Guide those who fan the fires of discrimination to open their eyes to the beauty of all your creation and respect the human dignity of all people. Open our hearts to those who face hatred and injustice because of their race, their background, their ethnicity that we might better help them belong. Through Christ Our Lord…

Come and join us at St Josephs for the end of Christmas (40th Day) and a Pre-Lenten bash 

Petra & her friends have an evening of devotional music at St Josephs for the Feast of the PRESENTATION on Sunday Feb 4th when we will also dedicate the image of Our Lady of Fatima and share a celebration at 6.00pm. NEXT WEEK!

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