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The Holy Family Sunday 31 December 2017
Blue Book Page 105

The first episode of “DR WHO” broadcasted on November 23rd 1963. President Kennedy had been assassinated on the previous day. I was six years old. There had been much hysteria in the papers suggesting that the new serial would be very disturbing for small children. My mother said I was too young. Nevertheless I remember “watching with dad” without mum knowing. We were dutifully hiding behind the sofa. Throughout the 1960’s and 70’s the TV drama was the epitome of a happy childhood and Saturdays at home. Some people say you can tell a person’s age by which actor they name as the “DOCTOR”. For me it is not the melancholy first Doctor but the cheery 2nd actor Patrick Troughton who danced around playing a recorder. William Hartnel played the sour faced original. He was known as GRANDFATHER but in real life his health was ailing.

Thus in 1969 came the first “Regeneration” I remember Dad trying to explain the plot. 48 years later, with Dad still alongside on the sofa, it only seemed right to tune in for the 13th. We were not disappointed. David Bradley convincingly reprised Hartnel’s first Doctor even travelling in a 1960’s retro Tardis. He encountered the 12th Doctor thanks to a time shift fault. The two men became disorientated being thrown together into a First World War scene only to discover the young captain/brigadier Lethbridge Steward “what do you mean FIRST World War?!” (He had been a prominent character in the early series). Between them they witnessed the famous Christmas Day Truce on the battlefield.

Then just when you thought it was over the two aging Doctors are sucked into a time warp vortex and the 13th regeneration transpired. Thus the two dignified silver haired Time Lords simultaneously morphed into: A YOUNG BLOND WOMAN! Even the trusty TARDIS seemed to spit her out. Meanwhile I might have just been hooked again! Let’s hope that the first female Doctor makes a better fist than the first female prime minister in the fight for inter-galactic peace and justice.

Then we switched to CORONATION STREET. Soothing childhood memories of a simple life in backstreet terraces just like my Nanna’s house. Except what did we find? The local Vicar was “murdered” on Christmas Day falling over the sheer face of a deep quarry. Now I find miracles hard to believe except maybe I should change my mind: apparently the vicar survived. In his earlier life he had done a bank robbery (as vicars are want to do) and events had caught up on him. I have no such memories but there is still time. And so finally to EASTENDERS. Two young women were shouting at their Father who was standing on the roof of the Pub “Don’t jump off the roof dad”. Why, this was one of the very songs that my Grandad used to sing every Christmas, with spoons and elastic bands wrapped round the frying pan. What a classic originally recorded by the late great Tommy Cooper (Check it on YouTube):

‘Don’t jump off the roof, Dad
You’ll make a hole in the yard
Mother’s just planted petunias
The weeding and seeding was hard 

If you must end it all, Dad
Won’t you please give us a break
Just take a walk down the park, Dad
And there you can jump in the lake.’ 

Oh it did cheer me up! What did you watch? C U in the park.

Happy New Year

Fr Kevin

Fr Roy & Fr Kevin Thankyou for Your Christmas Offerings and Gifts (TBC) 

24th (4th Advent) St J’s £364 OLSS £308

Advent Manna Centre Collection
We continue to appeal for donated items into the New Year

Most needed items include: Sugar, Powdered Milk, Tinned tomatoes, Rice, Meat & Fish (Tinned) Coffee, Trainers, Blankets, Jeans, Sleeping bags, Underwear, Toilet & Kitchen Rolls, Socks & Shoes

Maggie’s Christmas Hampers 

Maggie’s Christmas hampers raised more than £400 towards Church Funds at OLSS

Here is the list of the winners: Ticket No.

1st Marie O 909 Blue

2nd Joan N 634 Pink

3rd Amanda B 99 Pink

4th J.O.P. 512 Blue

5th Rochford 411 Blue

6th Anne K 509 Blue

7th Anne K 503 Blue

8th Maeve P 210 Blue

9th Dominican Sisters 972 Blue

Baptism Preparation Jan 10th 

If you are seeking the Baptism of a child either at OLSS OR St Joseph the next preparation evening will be Wednesday 10th January at 7.00pm at the Presbytery 68 Crooms Hill.

Diocesan Directories for the Year 2018 are now available at both churches 

Calander for the First Week of the New Year 

Saturday 30th 12.30 Holy Baptism OLSS Lowen 

Mass OLSS 6.00 Int: Sean C (RiP)

Sunday 31st Mass OLSS 9.00 Int: George Y (Recent RiP)

Holy Mass St J’s 10.00 Int: Adrien H (RiP 17th aged 33)

Family Mass OLSS 11.00 Int: Int’s of Mrs Bishop

January 1st 2018 NEW YEARS DAY Mary Mother of God 

There will be a New Years Day Celebration Mass at St Joseph’s at 12.00 Noon

Bring your left-over sweets, wine, chocolate, lemonade, Christmas Cake

Tuesday 2nd Mass OLSS 9.30 Int:

Mass St J’s 7.00 Int: Karen E (Guidance & Protection)

Wednesday 3rd Mass OLSS 9.30 Int: Holy Name of Jesus 

Thursday 4th Mass OLSS 9.30 Int:

Mass St J’s 11.00 Int: FSM Sisters Ints

Friday 5th Mass OLSS 9.30 Int: Teresa H (WB/Ints)

Saturday 6th Mass OLSS 6.00 Int: Parish & People

Sunday 7th Mass OLSS 9.00 Int: Thomas & Margaret H (RiP)

Mass St J’s 10.00 Int: Rada (RiP)

Mass OLSS 11.00 Int: Joe C (RiP)

Thankyou for your Mass offerings and requests for intentions during the year. If you are not familiar with the tradition of requesting a Mass please remember that it is not only at the sad times when we may want to commemorate a loved one but also the times when we should give thanks for the good things in life, blessings received or the wellbeing of anybody in a time of difficulty. There are secure letter boxes at both churches where you may leave Mass intentions and other offerings and letters or messages for church members when the church is unattended. Please use the envelopes provided. We endeavour to say masses at the appropriate times or dates requested but please be patient when there are too many at the same time

Post expires at 6:49pm on Sunday February 4th, 2018