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15 June, 2019

Newsletter for Holy Trinity, 2019

The HOLY & UNDIVIDED TRINITY June 16th 2019 Dark Red Book page 81 This Friday At Our Ladye Star of the Sea  Music for Midsummer The 9.00am Choir has prepared a lovely set of melodies for a Charity Evening this week in the church at OLSS at 7.30. Fr Kevin will give a brief presentation about the building and our endeavours to get a […]

7 June, 2019

Newsletter for Pentecost, 2019

The Feast of Pentecost June 9th 2019 Mauve Book page 294 Blessed be the Holy Spirit “The Paraclete”  There is no form of Christianity, or for that matter any form of religious faith, that is easier to understand than Catholicism:  We believe in a God who has created the world in love and who has […]

1 June, 2019

Newsletter for the Seventh Sunday of Easter, 2019

7th Sunday of Easter June 2nd 2019 Mauve Book page 281 Lighten our darkness we beseech thee O Lord:  When I was a young child my Father came home with a lantern. It hangs at the door of our house. It is a beautiful thing. As I look at it again, I realise how comforting […]

19 May, 2019

Newsletter for the Fifth Sunday of Easter, 2019

FIFTH SUNDAY OF EASTER 19th MAY 2019 Mauve Book Page 265 Deal or No Deal…  Strange how times change. I remember a day in HMP Belmarsh, sometime around 2005. It was lunchtime in the Chaplaincy and I was alone. I was just making a cup of tea when, a Junior Governor came through the chaplaincy […]