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17 February, 2019

Newsletter for the Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time, 2019, Racial Justice Sunday

RACIAL JUSTICE SUNDAY (Sixth Ord) 17th FEBRUARY 2019 Mauve Book Page 139 One Holy, Catholic and Apostolic…  “Jesus did not found several churches, but one single Church” Pope John XXIII  Once a month we run a Baptism Preparation Class. Sometimes there are just one or two families, sometimes there are a lot more. Last week there […]

2 February, 2019

Newsletter for the Fourth Sunday of Ordinary Time, 2019

Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time 3rd FEBRUARY 2019 Mauve Book Page 132  And now, O Father, mindful of the love that bought us, once for all, on Calvary’s tree, and having with us him that pleads above, we here present, we here spread forth to thee that only offering perfect in thine eyes, the one […]

26 January, 2019

Newsletter for the Third Sunday in Ordinary Time, 2019

Third Sunday in Ordinary Time 27th JANUARY 2019 Mauve Book Page 129 The Christian population throughout India, is less than 3% but the region of Goa is very different. Here Christians form 25% and are almost universally Catholic. A visit to Chennai (formerly known as Madras by the British and short for “MadRascals”) reveals the […]