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Christ the king 26th Nov 2017
Orange Book Page 158

A Very English Affair:

The (1st) ACT OF SUPREMACY (1534) declared King Henry 8th as “Supreme Head of the Church in England”. It signalled the break with Rome. Refusing to submit to this Act is what cost the lives of Ss Thomas More & Bp John Fisher in 1535. Henry survived another 12 years before he died in January 1547 at the age of 56. He was succeeded by his son the boy King Edward 6th, aged just 9 (born to Henry’s 3rd wife Jane Seymour).

Political affairs passed into the control of Edwards’ uncle, Edward Seymour, the Duke of Somerset (he of Somerset house in the Strand). Although Henry had broken with Rome, destroyed the monasteries and shrines and ransacked the churches, he never interfered with the traditional rites of the Church.

It took the Duke of Somerset working with “Archbishop” Thomas Cranmer to launch a wholescale protestant revision of church worship. It was in this period that all devotional images, altars and tabernacles were finally thrown down in preference for a naked form of Calvinism that was largely unwelcomed by the population.

Attaining the age of 14 allowed Edward, certain limited powers to act as sovereign. The first thing he did was to execute his uncle (the same Edward Seymour who had protected him through the years) for having misappropriated his authority as Lord Protector. Nevertheless, protestant teaching and worship continued to be driven at full steam throughout the land. Then the boy king himself died from TB at Greenwich in October 1553. Cranmer conspired to devise a protestant succession. From the Tower of London. he proclaimed Lady Jane Grey (aged 16) as the new “queen”. Meanwhile Mary Tudor was acclaimed by popular demand and rode triumphantly from the safe distance of her home in Norfolk to claim her throne. While Cranmer continued for a little while as Archbishop his days were numbered. He had contrived the very “divorce” that had dishonoured her mother and otherwise dispossessed Mary of her rightful claim. Soon she chose Reginald Pole (whose mother Henry had executed) to return from Rome and become her Cardinal. Pole had only just missed election as pope by one vote in the conclave of 1550.

The reason I am telling you all this is because St Andrew’s Day (November 30th) 1553 was a day of national rejoicing. Catholicism was restored throughout England and the church reunited with her ancient roots. This is how the Cardinal preached on that day: He asked the people to remember how the consecrated bread in the Mass is something much more wonderful than simply bread. He spoke of the Apple in the Book of Genesis. (An apple being the typical example of an English fruit).

Adam & Eve had consumed that fruit in disobedience to God. Pole explained that the “Apple” was something much more powerful than just an apple. It was a “Sacrament in Reverse”. Taken in disobedience it had alienated mankind from the presence of God. Jesus Christ offers a fruit which, if received in obedience and humility, restores God’s presence and brings new life. Thus was the Mass restored to England. It was short lived. Mary Tudor and Cardinal Pole both died on the same day 17th November 1558. Anne Boleyn’s daughter Elizabeth 1st now succeeded to the throne. A 2nd Act of Supremacy again broke the CofE from Rome. Catholicism thereafter was to all effects outlawed.

Still the Apple business makes a lot of sense…
God Bless Fr Kevin

Please Remember 

Alice Now at home.
Irene Now at home
David St Christopher’s Hospice
Pauline St Thomas Hospital
Helen a young wife who is gravely ill 

Fatima Rosary Group 

This lively group continues now with more than 23 people after the 7.00pm Mass on Tuesdays at St Joseph’s. Thanks to Rachel and her pals for providing music. St Joseph’s is open on Tuesday nights from 6.15 commencing with adoration before Mass

Looking Ahead Christmas Programme 

Christmas Day 2017 falls on a Monday. This is my proposal for Services:

Saturday 23rd Vigil 6.00pm OLSS

Sunday Morning 24th Christmas Eve: 

9.00am OLSS (No Choir) 

10.00am St Joseph

NB NO 11.00 am at OLSS 

The Children’s Mass 5.00pm OLSS 

Also a Vigil Mass at St Joseph 6.00pm 

Midnight Mass OLSS (With Choir) 

(Gather at 11.00pm for start at 11.30)

Christmas Day Morning 

10.00am St Joseph

11.00am OLSS

NB NO 9.00am at OLSS 

Boxing Day Mass St Joseph 7.00pm 

Mums & Dads & Little Ones etc This Thursday from 2.30pm 

Welcome at The Ursuline Convent 66 CROOMS HILL!!!

Thankyou for your Offertory Sunday 19th 

OLSS £755 Cafod £6.15
St J’s £368

Catholic Education 

For 140 years The Ursuline School at Crooms Hill has cultivated a wonderful formation in the lives of young women, preparing them to deal with life in the real world with a spirit of creativity and service. This is thanks to the witness of our Ursuline Sisters and the staff and parents who promote that sense of SERVIAM. It has been wonderful to celebrate this anniversary with ABp Peter, especially in a year when the school has seen such exceptional success. Our students are not selected from privileged families and many are already familiar at a young age with some of the complexities of life. There is no doubt that the Catholic ethos is the essential ingredient contributing to the success of our school and so many young women from diverse backgrounds.

With this in mind it is important that we should defend and promote the continuing traditions of Catholic education nationwide:

The Government is making a critical decision on whether to overturn the admissions cap which prevents Catholic Schools from allowing all Catholic pupils to attend. They have acknowledged that this policy discriminates against Catholics and promised to abandon it. Now The Bishops of England & Wales urge us to tell them not to renege on their promise. Look for “Catholic Education” on-line and write to the government urging them to drop their policy which effectively bans the construction of new catholic Schools.


Mary H, Johanna H, Michael B, Dr John H, Loraine F, Florie F, Annie H, Michael H, Michael W, Albert G, Edward R, John S, Mary L, Noris K, Sr Rosemary OSU

May they Rest in Peace 

John RiP Requiem Mass 

John & his brother Dennis lived at the same house for more than 85 years and have affectionate memories of childhood at OLSS

Thursday 7th Dec’ 9:30am (Burial: Eltham)

60+ group This Thursday from 2.00pm 

30th November (St Andrew) Welcome again at the Dominican Convent Hyde Vale

CALENDAR 25th NOVEMBER- 3rd DECEMBER 2017 Feast of 

Saturday 25th Mass OLSS 18.00 Int: Drucilinda C (RiP) Christ The King 

Sunday 26th Mass OLSS 9.00 Int: Florrie F (RiP 6th Ann)

Christ the Mass St J’s 10.00 Int: Parish & People

King Mass OLSS 11.00 Int: Pauline M (GW) Bptm Penelope & Aedan 

Monday 27th No Mass on Monday

Tuesday 28th Mass OLSS 9.30 Int:

Mass St J’s 7pm Int: Da Silva Fmy (Dec’d Rels)

Wednesday 29th Mass OLSS 9.30 Int: Mgr Augustine Hoey (RiP)

Thursday 30th Mass OLSS 9.30 Int: Lorraine F (RiP)

St Andrew Apostle Mass St J’s 11.00 Int: Mr Costello (WB/Ints)

Friday 1st Mass OLSS 9.30 Int: Kath P (Dec’d Rel & Friends)

Saturday 2nd Holy Baptism 12.30 OLSS: India, Sadie, Emma 

Mass OLSS 18.00 Int: Alan & Imelda P (RiP)

Sunday 3rd Mass OLSS 9.00 Int: Parish & People

1st Sunday Mass St J’s 10.00 Int:

of Advent Mass OLSS 11.00 Int: Joe C (RiP)

Advent Carol Service 6.30 St Alphege CofE

The Feast of Christ the King was only designated for the last Sunday of the year as recently as 1969 by Pope Paul VI. Today the celebration is observed widely beyond the Catholic Church. The feast puts a crown on all that has happened in the past 12 months and for better or worse requires us to lay all things at the feet of Jesus as the Universal Sovereign of All Creation.

Christmas Eve Children’s Mass: There will be Children’s Nativity Masses both at OLSS at 5.00pm & St Joseph’s at 6.00pm on Sunday December 24th. Betsey & Pru will organise St Joseph’s If your primary school aged child is interested in participating PLEASE come to a short meeting on Sunday December 3rd after the Mass. At OLSS I would like parents to share some new ideas with me. Perhaps a meeting on Thursday 7th? The Christmas Choir will need arranging for MidNight at OLSS. Abi & the 9.00am girls are planning a Carol Service at OLSS with PORT! For 6.00pm Sunday 17th. Practices Monday 4th & 11th The Ursuline School Carol Service is Sunday 10th at 4.00pm.

Post expires at 10:13pm on Saturday December 30th, 2017