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33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time 19th Nov 2017
Orange Book Page 155

What price Art? 

When I was a child I remember that I had a PopUp Bible Picture book. It was given to me by my grandmother and within a short passage of time it got worn out. I would like to tell you that it got worn out by reading and listening to the stories over and over again but I regret that this was not the case. The real reason was because, even as a small child, I was obsessed with understanding mechanisms.

I was fascinated to find out how the pages unfolded and the characters and scenes mysteriously jumped up from the page. Of course the only way mechanisms can actually be understood is by taking them apart and examining each piece in careful detail. That is what Leonardo Da Vinci spent his whole life doing while inventing all kinds of machines and other imaginative and scientific ideas three hundred years before they became an a living reality. I regret that this quality was not recognised in me when it was so soon discovered that I had destroyed my picture book! I remember that the famous image of the Last Supper (above) sprang up from the pages… Even then I wondered why the characters were all spread out in a line and not sitting around the table. Then I realised it was because they were expecting the viewer to come and sit at the table too.

This was long before I ever received “Holy Communion”. In the CofE First Holy Communion is usually administered at the time of Confirmation around the age of 14. I realise now that that is far too late. Receiving the sacrament is not an intellectual process of the head, but an interaction of the heart with the Divine Presence. I am sure that most 8 year olds already understand that perfectly if they are coming to Mass! So this week we have discovered that the price of an image of Christ is $430.000.000 and worth every penny (Dime). But the only image that matters is the one that you possess already and by which other people see the presence of Christ in you. It is priceless and yet already in your own possession. It costs nothing and it costs everything at the same time. But if you hope that others perceive the image of Christ in you, do you take time to perceive the image of Christ in the faces of those you meet each day?

The finest work of art in the history of the universe is the face of God’s Son (and that is partly thanks to his Mother!) The second finest work is you and me, but only if we bare some resemblance to the first image. Leonardo Da Vinci (1452–1519) was an artist, philosopher, inventor, scientist, biologist and so many other things to boot. Oh Yes I nearly forgot… and he was a CATHOLIC! Nobody could create such powerful examples of sacred art unless he was close to God. I am pleased that the face of Christ should fetch more than $430.000.000 in today’s world. I hope it does the present “owner” some good as s/he stares into that serene face.

No doubt sadly the image will be locked away and “lost” for another 100 years in some darkened vault, much the same as so many Christians do with the same image that was conferred upon them at the moment of birth and illuminated at the moment of their Baptism. What is it that the liturgy says we are supposed to do?

“Shine as a light in the world to the Glory of God the Father” Amen! 

Go and do thou likewise
Fr Kevin

Please Remember 

Alice now at home.
Irene N Mid Hospital
David St Christopher’s Hospice
Pauline St Thomas Hospital
Sheila cared for at home
Helen a young wife who is gravely ill 

Fatima Rosary Group 

This group now continues with more than 23 people after the 7.00pm Mass on Tuesdays at St Joseph’s. You will find the church remains open at this time. Thanks to Rachel and her pals for providing music. St Joseph’s is open on Tuesday nights from 6.15 commencing with adoration before Mass


Barbara N, Brian O, Dorthy S, John L, Christine D, Eddie H, James J, Kim C

May they Rest in Peace 

Ursuline School 140 years Celebration 

This week the Ursuline School celebrates 140 years of service to young women and education in Greenwich. There will be a celebration Mass with Archbishop Peter Smith at 2.00pm on Thursday 23rd and further masses on Friday at 11.30 and 2.00pm.

Jozef “Joe” RiP 

We shall leave the poppies in church until the time of Joe’s funeral. The story of his early life is integral to the purpose of Remembrance in the month of November! His has been an exceptional life aged 93 hammered out of the traumas of WWll as a Polish man arriving in the UK. We shall hear part of that story on Friday. A truly Gentle Man. His extraordinary cheerfulness never left him. He has been another exemplary member of the congregation at OLSS for more than 50 years whom we have been very sad to lose this year.

Funeral this Friday 24th November at 9.30 Burial at Shooters Hill. Joe will be received into OLSS church at 4.30 on Thursday 23rd

John William RiP Requiem Mass 

Thursday 7th December 9:30am 2017

Burial: Eltham Cemetery

Looking Ahead Christmas Programme 

Christmas Day 2017 falls on a Monday

I am sure that we do not need to provide 10 Masses between Saturday night and Monday morning. This is my proposal:

Saturday 23rd Vigil 6.00pm OLSS 

Sunday Morning 24th Christmas Eve: 

9.00am OLSS (No Choir)
10.00am St Joseph
NB NO 11.00 am at OLSS 

The Children’s Mass 5.00pm OLSS
Also a Vigil Mass at St Joseph 6.00pm 

Midnight Mass OLSS (With Choir)
(Gather at 11.00pm for start at 11.30)

Christmas Day Morning 

10.00am St Joseph
11.00am OLSS
NB NO 9.00am at OLSS 

Boxing Day Mass St Joseph 7.00pm 

Thank You for Your Offering Nov 12th 

OLSS £714 ABp/2nd £149 Cafod £20

St J’s £413 +Sp/Dn £120 ABp/2nd £42

CALENDAR 18th – 26th NOVEMBER 2017 

Saturday 18th Mass OLSS 18.00 Int: Martin M (RiP)

Sunday 19th Mass OLSS 9.00 Int: Harry D (RiP)

33rd Sunday Mass St J’s 10.00 Int: John H (RiP)

in Ordinary Time Mass OLSS 11.00 Int: Mick D (RiP 14th Ann)

Coffee & Cakes after 11.00am OLSS today 

Monday 20th No Mass on Monday

Tuesday 21st Mass OLSS 9.30 Int: Parish & People (lieu of Sunday)

BVM Presentation Mass St J’s 7pm Int: Eileen M (RiP 7th)

Wednesday 22nd Mass OLSS 9.30 Int: Pena N (RiP 9th Sicily)

Thursday 23rd Mass OLSS 9.30 Int: Chad B jnr (WB)

Clement & Columb’ Mass St J’s 11.00 Int: Irene R (GW)

2.00pm OLSS Ursuline 140 Years Celebration Mass with ABp Peter (Seating limited)

4.30 OLSS Reception of the Body of Jozef “Joe”

Friday 24th Sung Requiem Mass OLSS 9.30 Joe RiP (Burial Shooters Hill)

Additional Ursuline Celebration Masses 11.30 & 2.00pm (All welcome)

Saturday 25th Mass OLSS 18.00 Int: Drucilinda C (RiP)

Sunday 26th Mass OLSS 9.00 Int: Florrie F (RiP 6th Ann)

Christ the Mass St J’s 10.00 Int: Parish & People

King Mass OLSS 11.00 Int: Pauline M (GW) Bptm Penelope & Aedan 

Clement of Rome (Thursday) is listed by Irenaeus & Tertullian as standing in early succession as the Bishop of Rome 88-99ad. His name has always appeared in the “Roman Canon” as 3rd in the line from Peter: “Linus, Cletus, Clement etc”. He is important because he has left us another letter “To the Corinthians” (you can read it easily on line) His letter sheds light on the Church at the end of the 1st Century. He makes reference to continuing troubles at Corinth and appeals like St Paul for the harmony and unity of the church together with the bishop and presbyters in that city. He is the earliest writer outside the NT (excluding the anonymous writer of the Didache) and already stands witness to the primacy of Rome within the early church. According to tradition he was imprisoned under the Emperor Trajan, tied to an anchor and thrown into the sea

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