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REMEMBRANCE SUNDAY (32nd in Ord Time) 12th Nov 2017
Orange Book Page 152

Maeve  writes about Our Own Fallen; 

“Their bodies are buried in peace.
Theirs names liveth forever more.” 

Ecc 44:14 

In May this year my husband and I enjoyed a cycling holiday in Ypres. Anyone visiting Belgium cannot miss the immaculately kept military cemeteries and memorials, dedicated to the soldiers of The Great War, that dot the countryside. Tyne Cot where 12,000 common-wealth soldiers are buried and nearly 35,000 missing are commemorated and The Menin Gate, where 55,000 missing are remembered, stand out because of their size and the enormity of the loss of life they represent.

Some of the smaller graveyards can be equally moving to visit though: We came across Hedge Row Trench Cemetery, 4kms south of Ypres on a lovely wooded cycle path that once was the Front Line. Between 1915-1917 the dead were buried here, but because of its location it was shelled repeatedly. In the 1920s when it was laid out properly the original locations of the graves could not be established, so the majority of the 98 headstones were arranged in a circle around a central Cross of Sacrifice. The day we visited was sunny with a slight breeze.We were alone and it was very peaceful. The only sounds were of birds. It was difficult to think of it as a place of blood and slaughter and yet it was, only a hundred years ago. OLSS has her memorial too. In our little Sacred Heart chapel is a marble plaque listing 22 men, “Who went forth from this parish and laid down their lives for their fellowmen in the Great War”. 

Among that number are 16 soldiers, 2 sailors, 2 medics and 1 civilian. A few I was able to find out about are:

Michael John O’Leary – Pvt.10th Buffs (E Kent Reg.) He was just 18yrs old when he died in Sept.1918 of wounds (gas) the son of Michael John & Annie O’Leary of 65 Straightsmouth Street. He is buried in St.Sever Cemetery Extension, Rouen, France.

Francis Sanders – Ln.Cprl. North’d Fusiliers.

He was 32yrs when he died in Oct 1917 the son of Thomas & Catherine Mary Sanders, of Cliff Cottage, Hyde Vale and husband of Ellen, The Cottage, Crooms Hill.

He is commemorated at Tyne Cot, Belgium.

Albert Sexstone – Sgt.Scottish Rifles.

Born in Deptford he was 28yrs when he died in April 1918, the son of James & Mary Sexstone, of 22 London Street. He is buried in St.Souplet British Cemetery, France.

Alfred Spencer- Stoker/Petty Officer RN. 

Born in Dublin, he was 33yrs when he was killed in action protecting a convoy in the North Sea, on board HMS Mary Rose, in Oct.1917. The son of Henry Spencer, of 1 Royal Place and husband of Alice Maud Spencer (formerly Freeman) of 83 Little Ilford, Manor Park. He is commemorated at Chatham Naval Memorial.

William Weston – Sailor Mercantile Marine.

Born in Woolich, he was 23yrs old when his ship SS Baron Herries was torpedoed in April 1918. The son of William & Alice Weston and husband of Clara (née Cade) of 1 Burgos Grove. Commemorated at Tower Hill Memorial.

I mention these five men of our parish in particular as Greenwich Council decided in 2016 to honour their memory by naming streets after them. November is the month of the Holy Souls and so…

We will remember them! 



Please Remember 

Alice QEH following a fall
Dennis now at home
Allan now cared for at home.
Sheila cared for at home
Helen a young wife who is gravely ill 

Thank You for Your Offering 

Oct 29th OLSS £794 Cafod £10.80

Nov 5th St J’s £331 Sp/Dn £200


Dr. Michael B, Sr Rosaria Foley, Joan S, Harry D, Phyllis F, Martin D, Francis O, Mary K, Dennis S, Dermot B, John F, Barbara N, Dorothy S

May they Rest in Peace 

Coffee & Cakes Next Week 19th at OLSS 11.00am 

Fatima Rosary Group 

This group now continues after the 7.00pm Mass on Tuesdays at St Joseph’s. You will find the church remains open at this time after Mass.

November the Month of the Holy Souls 

Cards for collective names may be placed on the altar. If you need a particular Mass please use the envelopes provided in the usual way

Ursuline School 140 years Celebration 

The Ursuline School celebrates 140 years of service to young women and education in Greenwich. There will be a celebration Mass with Archbishop Peter Smith at 2.00pm on Thursday 23rd and further masses on Friday at 11.30 and 2.00pm.

Jozef “Joe” RiP 

Joe died on the evening of Saturday 28th October at his home in Vanbrugh Fields lovingly cared for in recent weeks by the constant vigilance of his devoted family. His has been an exceptional life aged 93 hammered out of the traumas of WWll as a Polish man in the UK. A truly Gentle Man. His extraordinary cheerfulness never left him. He has been another exemplary member of the congregation at OLSS for more than 50 years whom we have been very sad to lose this year.

Funeral Friday 24th November at 9.30 

Burial at Shooters Hill. Joe will be received into OLSS church at 4.30 on Thursday 23rd

This Sunday is Remembrance Sunday 

We commemorate all those who have fallen in the conflicts of war and especially those who gave their lives for the defence of this realm. We also pray for those who are serving in the British Forces today.

Mums & Little Ones 

Welcome again at the Convent 66 Hyde Vale this Thursday from 2.30pm.

The York Gospels 

This exquisite hand crafted manuscript has been in the news this week. It was created sometime before the Norman Conquest 1066. Being written on calf skin they are now disclosing secrets of British farming and agricultural techniques more than 1000 years ago by their DNA. Each page required one whole calf skin as parchment, so the whole manuscript would have cost a herd of young cattle apart from the labour intensity of the illuminated writings. This is why the scriptures were so precious and safeguarded in pre-reformation times. As we commemorate the 500th anniversary of the “Reformation” let us thank God for the diligent work of Catholic/ Orthodox Monks & Nuns working in scriptoriums to preserve the word of God for 1500 years before the invention of printing.

11th Mass OLSS 18.00 Int: Holy Souls This Week 

Sunday 12th Mass OLSS 9.00 Int: Parish & People 2 Minutes silence

32nd Sunday Mass St J’s 10.00 Int: Baptism of Miriam Remembrance Sunday 

Remembrance SundayMass OLSS 11.00 Int: Maurice L (Months Mind) 2nd Colln’s Abp’s Dio’ Admin

Monday 13th No Mass on Monday

Tuesday 14th Welcome at 9.30 today for Eucharistic Service at the Convent 

Fr Kevin Away Mass St J’s 7pm Int: Parents of FSM Sisters (RiP)

Wednesday 15th Mass OLSS 9.30 Int: John F (RiP)

Thursday 16th Mass OLSS 9.30 Int: Nora A (Sister of Joan RiP)

Radha Fun’l Putney Mass St J’s 11.00 Int: Parents of Sr Aleyama (RiP)

Friday 17th Mass OLSS 9.30 Int: Patricia M (RiP 10th Ann)

Saturday 18th Mass OLSS 18.00 Int: Martin M (RiP)

Sunday 19th Mass OLSS 9.00 Int: Harry D (RiP)

33rd Sunday Mass St J’s 10.00 Int: Parish & People

in Ordinary Time Mass OLSS 11.00 Int: Mick D (RiP 14th Ann)

Several saints occur this week including some lesser known British names: 

Margaret of Scotland, Gertrude, Edmund of Abingdon (Thurs), Elizabeth of Hungary, Hilda of Whitby, Hugh of Lincoln (Fri). Let’s take Hilda: She is a huge personality in the progress of British Christianity during the Anglo Saxon period. (c614–680). Her life is recorded by St Bede. An orphaned child she was raised in the court of the King of Northumbria. Witnessing regional conflicts and tribal battles within the British Islands and across Europe, although of noble birth she resolved to live as a nun. She is associated with religious foundations in East Anglia and Kent but her homeland was the North East in Hartlepool & Whitby where she became an abbess. This was the period of St Augustine’s mission. Britain was largely pagan but with widespread remnants of Celtic Christianity surviving in the remoter parts. The King of Northumberland (newly Christian) entrusted Hilda to organise a Synod summoning Celtic Bishops far and wide to meet with Augustine’s missionaries and resolve their differences. Monasteries at Jarrow & Wearmouth are also associated with Hilda and became great centres of Christian art & learning supplying precious copies of biblical manuscripts not only for the British Isles but across Europe. (Such as “The York Gospels” mentioned previously see image below). Such was her wisdom she was known wherever she travelled as “Mother”.

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