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Thirtieth Sunday in Ordinary Time 29th October 2017
Orange Book Page 146

My Beloved Confessor and Spiritual Director for the last 36 years Mgr Augustine Hoey ob OSB has died just short of his 102nd birthday. Fr Denys Lloyd, a Catholic Priest at Sheringham remained alongside him for many years as a professed member of The Anglican Community of the Resurrection. Denys was later Principle of the College where I first trained for the priesthood. He has written a beautiful obituary that you will find on line. We share memories of an extraordinary man who some say will go down as “The Man of the Century” just like JH Newman is remembered in the 19th.

As a student and Anglican seminarian I was identified as having “Roman tendencies”. Some time in 1982 the head of pastoral studies suggested that I should go to Fr Augustine for a Spiritual Director. Thereafter he remained my confessor, stabiliser, spiritual director, soul friend, ecclesiastical MOT specialist, and some would add, fatal influence. By 1982, Augustine had already served a lifetime with Roman tendencies, not only as a priest of the CofE but as a devoted and faithful member of CR and a great parish missionary. It was felt that Augustine might help to give me the stability I needed to serve as a priest of the CofE in the same way, and so he did, or at least he did for the next 12 years, then something changed…

I remember going to him for the first time in 1982. After a long and patient conversation (the first of many over the next 36 years) he exclaimed: “When are you going to be ordained?” “In June Father” “oh my goodness we have a lot of work to do!” Evidently, even towards the end of five years training, the diagnosis was serious and probably remained so ever since! While we were utterly different personalities, his unique spirituality had a profound effect on my own progress as a priest and preacher. Where others might be tempted to abandon certain features of the faith as romantic or peripheral, Augustine was utterly uninhibited to proclaim the entire faith as a living reality:

God has walked with men and has clothed himself in the substance of human life. If God has walked with men then why shouldn’t we walk with Angels? They are with us wherever we go “even rushing down the escalators of the underground when we are trying to get to work”. No wonder the tubes seem so crowded. The Angels must occupy the space above the stairs. And if God has walked with men it happened because he came through the womb of a simple Virgin. Mary is given to us all as a definitive mother, somebody we should take to our hearts and homes for an extra layer of love in a cold world. This God forgives sins, mends broken hearts and wants us to share our lives with him. It’s all very simple and is wonderfully set before our eyes using bread and wine just like he said and the sacrifice and the sacraments all fall into place. And this God is cheerful and breaks his Sacred Heart for us and wants us to get hold of life and live it in all its fullness, even for a hundred years. And there’s a Holy House in Walsingham because Jesus wants children to have a loving home and a sense of security just like Mary and Joseph gave to him. And it’s all true. Amen. So it is. Let it be. England needs to know this! All of this I knew without a shadow of a doubt within the CofE except for one thing: “The Church must be One!” I have never loved a man more than this, other than my own father!

God Bless Fr Kevin 

Augustine Hoey ob OSB RiP

Please Remember 

Joe approaching final days.
Alice QEH following a Fall
Dennis QEH
Sheila cared for at home
Helen a young wife who is gravely ill 

Fr John Lavery RiP Memorial Mass 

Sincere thanks to everybody who helped to make the Requiem for Fr John such a special moment last Wednesday. Especially Maggie, Bridget and the 9.00am Choir. Many people had come long distances to be present on the night and were very touched by the Mass. It was good also to know that friends from Greenwich were also present at the Cathedral on Thursday. I apologise for my absence at the Cathedral as I attended a Requiem at that time for Fr Hoey in Covent Garden having sadly missed his funeral earlier this month (Fr Kevin) 

Catholic Legacy Week 5-11th November 

Gifts in your Will are a wonderful way to support the Church’s ministry and mission and help meet the needs of future generations. Do please consider gifts to the Church and Catholic charities next time you update your Will. Pick up a leaflet; contact Your Catholic Legacy on 020 7095 5370; or email Adrian Radford, the Diocesan Financial Controller:

Thank You for Your Offering Oct. 15th 

OLSS £678 W/Mn £169 Cafod + £7

St J’s £439 W/Mn £168 Cafod +£10

Special Minister and Readers.

Bishop Patrick invites all Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion & Readers to a day of reflection on Saturday 11th November. Details and Information have been forwarded by email. If you would like to attend this day please speak to Fr Kevin or Sr Mary or drop a message to:

Fatima Rosary Group 

This group is now very well supported and will continue to meet on Saturday evenings at 6.00pm at St Joseph’s church. You will find the church open and welcoming at this time.

Radha RiP 

The Franciscan Sisters have been much affected this week by the unexpected passing of Radha. She is one of the domestic migrant ladies who they have supported and whom you will have seen often at St Joseph’s at weekends. She died at the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital last week aged 71. Funeral TBC

All Saints Day this Wednesday 1st Nov We will keep the main Sung Mass NB At St Joseph’s in the evening 7.00pm. 

There are also School Masses throughout the day to which all are welcome at 9.30 and 11.30 am at OLSS ALSO at St Josephs at 11.00am

Commemoration of All Souls Thursday 2nd November 


The “Commemoration of All Souls” is an important moment that hopefully brings a sense of gentle healing to those who are bereaved and grieving. This will be a lovely Sung Requiem. The Mass will be set within the Solemn Funeral Cantata “Actus Tragicus” by JS Bach. It is described as one of the most soulful openings in any Bach cantata. I have written to all those who have lost loved ones or whose funerals have been conducted either at OLSS or St Josephs in the last year. We will remember these in particular by name on Thursday night. It is impossible to recite the names of every loved one but you may like to write names on the cards that are provided this weekend and they will remain on the altars at both churches throughout the month. If you would like a particular Mass at sometime during the month of the “Holy Souls” please include details in the usual way in the envelopes provided in church


Gladys B, David W, Willie O, Alice C, Margaret H, Frank M, Eleanor & Willie S, Sean K, Winifred K, Margo B, Dennis M, Lottie M, Michael S, Bernard B

Clocks back this weekend! 


Saturday 28th Mass OLSS 18.00 Int: William A (RiP)

Sunday 29th Mass OLSS 9.00 Int: Weronika & Stefan K (RiP)

30th Sunday Mass St J’s 10.00 Int: Mary O (Thg)

in Ordinary Time Mass OLSS 11.00 Int: Paddy C (RiP)

Monday 30th No Mass on Monday

Tuesday 31st Mass OLSS 9.30 Int: Grace M (RiP)

Mass St J’s 7pm Int: Franciscan Sisters Dep Rel’s

Wednesday 1st ALL SAINTS DAY School Masses OLSS 9.30 & 11.30 (No exposition all welcome)

Also School Mass 11.00am at St Joseph’s MAIN SUNG MASS 7.00pm NB At St Joseph’s Int: Radha RiP

Thursday 2nd Commemoration of All Souls Thursday, 2nd November 

Masses during the Day 9.30 (Int: Mgr Augustine Hoey RiP) at OLSS & St Joseph’s 11.00

ACTUS TRAGICUS (JS Bach) OLSS at 8.00pm. Petra is bringing her musical friends to sing a Solemn Requiem. This will be a lovely Mass offered in solidarity with all those who are struggling with grief or who have lost loved ones especially in the past year.

Mums (& Dads) and Tots meet again this Thursday, 2nd.

Welcome at The Ursuline Convent 66 Crooms Hill from 2.30pm.

Friday 3rd Mass OLSS 9.30 Int: Bill M (RiP)

Saturday 4th Children’s Preparation for First Confession & First Holy Communion Classes begin today at OLSS at 10.45 

Holy Baptism OLSS 12.30 Florence, Ethan, Katia, Asia, Caitlin & Luka 

Mass OLSS 18.00 Int: Maura M (RiP 1st Ann)

Sunday 5th Mass OLSS 9.00 Int: Astrid P (2nd BD)

31st Sunday Mass St J’s 10.00 Int: Parish & People

in Ordinary Time Mass OLSS 11.00 Int: Nora M (RiP)

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