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CORPUS CHRISTI Sunday 18th June 2017
Orange Book Page 83

You are what you eat!

♬ “When I find myself in times of trouble”♬ or so Paul McCartney sang 47 years ago “Mother Mary comforts me”. I discovered this likewise long ago in the CofE. With the passage of time it was just one ingredient that compelled me to come to the fullness of the Catholic faith. Another literal ingredient was the mystery of the Eucharist. At times when I have actually found myself in very deep trouble (as tends to happen to a chaplain in a high security prison) I have comforted myself with the thought that the challenging accuser on the other side of the room is little more than 78% water and the rest basically just carbon. Carbon is the essential substance of planet earth, literally the soil on which we are standing. So the Book of Genesis is correct when it says that God formed man out of nothing more than soil and Adam came alive when God breathed his spirit into him. The Hebrew name ADAM means literally “Red Earth”. Tyndale and the early reformers discussed whether that was how the name should appear in English Bibles but the old name survived. “What is man that thou art mindful of him, or this Son of Man that you should come to him?” says the Psalmist 8v4. We might all wonder for “If for this lifetime only we have hoped in Christ we are above all men to be pitied!” 1Cor15v19. I am not a biologist and I have little knowledge of medicine but I am led to understand that all the cells in our bodies are completely renewed every two or three years. That must mean that if you do not see a certain friend for sometime, in about three years he or she will be a completely different person!

You are what you eat. I remember queuing in the staff canteen at HMP Belmarsh. I took a great piece of gateaux. A nice officer, a super fit guy who was always training in the gym looked sadly at my plate and cautioned “You should always think carefully about every single thing you put into your body” – I still had the gateaux but others take note. That being said, how does that advice apply to the Eucharist? We know that we will die if we lack nourishment. What are you putting into your body? Jesus says: “Unless you eat of the flesh of the son of man and drink his blood you shall not have life within you!”6v53. Some people say that this text should only be interpreted “spiritually”, would they say that too about the Resurrection? Of course the meaning is spiritual but there is a substantial reality attached to it. Jesus left us with the intimate gift of himself. It is not for nothing that he used the words: This is my body this is my blood. John’s text has the force of literally devouring the whole substance of Christ’s being. The word he uses ἐσθίω is used elsewhere with the sense of utterly consuming “eating you out of house and home”. So let the anatomical and psychological structure of my life be completely and utterly renewed and transformed by consuming Christ in the entire substance of his being. Now do you understand Transubstantiation? It only happens in the Eucharist. This is what our children will hopefully understand as they make their first Holy Communion on this feast of Corpus Christi. Maybe you need to reconsider this too and “feed on him in your hearts by faith with Thanksgiving”

God Bless

Fr Kevin

Please Remember 

Those who have died and all those survivors, neighbours and the rescue workers caught in the traumatic fire in Kensington 

Joe who is back in hospital 

Adrian very ill in hospital in Mexico 

Alice now at home

Margaret back in Lewisham Hsp. 

Eileen now home again 

Helen a young wife who is gravely ill 

Larry & Grace very poorly at home 

Frank lately in Hospital 

Simon (as in Simon & Beth) has a hip operation this Thursday. We remember Simon this week as he will be out of action for a little while. I am grateful to Norman who will be playing at 11.00am for the forthcoming period. Mick has not been well and has needed some hospital treatment. He is resting presently at Eastbourne so we wish him well and will miss him at St J’s this weekend. 


Cornelius D, Rosemary B

James H, Bartholmew H

Dr “Viga” K, Richard C, James, Margaret & Thomas M

Annie S, Jack W, William A

John E, Jeanne B

May they Rest in Peace 

Forthcoming Funerals 

Dennise Parke RiP (Mother of Reuben & Zita) 

Requiem Mass 1.00pm on Friday 23rd at OLSS. (Burial at Plumstead) NB. Dennise is NOT being coming into church before the funeral as she will be received instead at the family home in Hackney. We keep Zita & Reuben and the whole family in our prayers.

NB The Friends of St Ursula (FOSTUR) have set up a donation scheme for the benefit of the Reuben & Zita to which others may like to contribute it has the advantage of Gift Aid. Please see: or speak to Helen

Michael O funeral also at OLSS on Friday 23rd at 10.00am. (Burial at Bromley)

Eileen “Ellen” W funeral at ST JOSEPH’s Wednesday 28th June 12.30 (Burial at Charlton)

Special Ministers of Holy Communion 

We now have a good team of special ministers to help with distribution of Holy Communion at Mass and also to the sick at OLSS. Sr Lynn OP will help to co-ordinate the group. Most of the safeguarding papers are now complete though some are still waiting. Could we all meet for an hour on Saturday 24th at 12.00noon at OLSS? This will allow a little training and it would be good to set a date when new members could be formally presented to the congregation. Special ministers from St Joseph’s would be welcome to join at this time.

Great Parish Party Saturday July 8th 

Please join us at a combined Parish Party at OLSS Garden in the evening of July 8th at 7.00pm after Mass. A band and barbecue is included with your ticket and a paid licenced bar. This year the sun will be shining it will be a warm and happy event. Places are limited and Tickets are available from today so do not be disappointed and assume you may purchase on the door as we must be strict about numbers. I am grateful to Pat and to local businesses who have arranged and contributed raffle prizes:

Roberto Farren Photography – Framed photograph
Al Pancino Restaurant – Meal for two inc prosecco
The Hill Restaurant – Dinner for two inc bottle wine
Greenwich Theatre – Four complimentary tickets
Bill’s Restaurant – Meal + drink for two
Karen Woolven Florist – Bouquet of flowers
Rivington Restaurant – Breakfast for two
Doubletree Hilton Greenwich – Afternoon tea for two
Greenwich Picturehouse – Two complimentary tickets
Greenwich Tavern – Meal for two

And Maggie’s Summer hamper!

OLSS Church Cleaning 

Please come and help with church cleaning on Wednesday 28th June from 7.00pm.

Thankyou for your Offering June 11th 

OLSS £722 £ Cafod £10

St J’s £334 CaTEW £44

Farewell Fr Martin 

Fr Martin leaves us this week to return home for India having been with us for two months allowing Fr Roy & Fr Kevin to take some annual leave. God Bless, safe travel and come back soon!

CALENDAR 17th – 25th JUNE 2017 

Saturday 17th Wedding Rite 2.00pm Rachel K & Robert J OLSS 

Mass OLSS 6.00 Int: Nick Carr & Rosemary B (RiP 1st ann) 

Sunday 18th Mass OLSS 9.00 Int: Kathleen T (RiP Sister of Agnes B) 

Mass St J’s 10.00 Int: Ann G (RiP) 

Corpus Christi Mass OLSS 11.00 Int: Dennise Parke (RiP) 

Children’s First Holy Communion Today (additional) Mass at OLSS 12.30 

Monday 19th No Mass on Monday

Tuesday 20th Mass OLSS 9.30 Int: Stanley H 

St. Alban Mass St J’s 7pm Int: J D Vincent (RiP) 

Wednesday 21st Mass OLSS 9.30 Int: Anne S (RiP 4years) 

Thursday 22nd Mass OLSS 9.30 Int: Christine H (RiP Ursuline Alumni) 

Mass St J’s 11.00 Int: Rosemary B (RiP) 

Friday 23rd NB NO 9.30 Mass this Friday in lieu of :

Michael O Requiem Mass OLSS at 10.00am 

Dennise Parke Requiem Mass OLSS at 1.00pm 

Saturday 24th Mass OLSS 6.00 Int: Elizabeth M (RiP 30th Ann) 

Sunday 25th Mass OLSS 9.00 Int: Parish & People 

12th Sunday Mass St J’s 10.00 Int: FSM Deceased Sisters (RiP) 

in Ordinary Time Mass OLSS 11.00 Int: Elizabeth P (RiP) 

Next Sunday in Conjunction with the Greenwich Guitar Festival and the Trinity Laban School of Music: Graham Anthony Devine presents an extraordinary and exquisite evening of Spanish Baroque and contemporary Guitar music at 7.30 at Our Ladye Star of the Sea. This is a ticketed event at £14 & £10 including Cheese and Wine. Graham is one of the world’s most outstanding guitar virtuosos of this generation. He is a winner of major competitions around the globe having performed to critical acclaim at many of the world’s most important recital venues

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